JAM LEADER COURSE II (Biological Science) 2020


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Course Structure

The Curriculum Section of  this Course covers the following Content :

  • 15 Units of Theory
  • 15 Topic wise Unit Solved Papers (USPs)
  • 5 Volume Solved Papers (VSPs)

Module: IIT - JAM THEORETICAL COURSE - Biological Sciences (BL)

  • Subject: Biological Sciences (BL)
    • Section 1: Units

        Attachments 1: Taxonomy

        Attachments 2: Physiology

        Attachments 3: Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cell

        Attachments 4: Cell Organelles

        Attachments 5: Multicellular Organization

        Attachments 6: Energy Transformations

        Attachments 7: Internal Transport Systems of Plant

        Attachments 8: Respiration

        Attachments 9: Regulation of Body Fluids and Excretory Mechanism

        Attachments 10: Cell Reproduction

        Attachments 11: Mendelian Genetics and Heredity

        Attachments 12: Biology (Ecology) and Populations and Communities

        Attachments 13: Evolution

        Attachments 14: Genesis and Diversity

        Attachments 15: Animal Behaviour

        Attachments 16: Plant and Animal Diseases

        Attachments 17: Introduction of pH Scale

        Attachments 18: Buffers

        Attachments 19: Trace Elements in Biological Systems

        Attachments 20: Proteins

        Attachments 21: Enzyme

        Attachments 22: Vitamins

        Attachments 23: Biological Oxidations

        Attachments 24: Carbohydrates

        Attachments 25: Lipids and Their Metabolisms

        Attachments 26: Digestion and Absorption

        Attachments 27: Detoxifying Mechanism

        Attachments 28: Plant Hormones and Their Action

        Attachments 29: Animal Hormones and Their Action

        Attachments 30: Nervous System

        Attachments 31: Nucleic Acids

        Attachments 32: Nature of Gene and Its Function

        Attachments 33: Genetic Code

        Attachments 34: Synthesis of Nucleic Acid and Proteins

        Attachments 35: Regulation of Gene Expression

        Attachments 36: Nucleotide Synthesis with Nucleic Acid Metabolism

        Attachments 37: Enzyme Mechanisms and Kinetics

        Attachments 38: Photosynthesis

        Attachments 39: Intra and Intermolecular Forces

        Attachments 40: Structure of Biomolecules

        Attachments 41: Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Biological System

        Attachments 42: Principles of X-Ray Diffraction

        Attachments 43: Hydrodynamic Techniques

        Attachments 44: IR and UV Spectroscopy

        Attachments 45: Classes of Micro-Organizms and Their Characterization

        Attachments 46: Nutrient Requirement for Growth

        Attachments 47: Laboratory Techniques in Microbiology

        Attachments 48: Pathogenic Microorganizms and Disease

        Attachments 49: Applied Microbiology

        Attachments 50: Viruses

        Attachments 51: Microbial Genetics

        Attachments 52: Innate Immunity

        Attachments 53: Adaptive Immunity

        Attachments 54: Antigens

        Attachments 55: Immunoglobulins Structure and Function (Antibodies)

        Attachments 56: Cell Theory

        Attachments 57: Cell Architecture

        Attachments 58: Methods of Cell Fractionation

        Attachments 59: Cell Cycle

        Attachments 60: Types of Chromosome Structure

        Attachments 61: Biochemical Genetics-Inborn Errors of Metabolisms

        Attachments 62: Fungi

        Attachments 63: Principles of Processes of Development

        Attachments 64: Exponential Function

        Attachments 65: Algebraic Function

        Attachments 66: Trigonometrical Function

        Attachments 67: Derivatives of a Function

        Attachments 68: Indefinite Integrals of a Function

        Attachments 69: Definite Integral of a Function

        Attachments 70: Permutations

        Attachments 71: Combination

        Attachments 72: Volumetric Calculations and Probability

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