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Course Structure

The Curriculum Section of  this Course covers the following Content :

  • 15 Units of Theory
  • 15 Topic wise Unit Solved Papers (USPs)
  • 5 Volume Solved Papers (VSPs)


  • Subject: GEOLOGY (GG)
    • Section : Units
      • Unit 1: THE PLANET EARTH-I

        Lecture 1: Origin of The Solar System and Earth

        Lecture 2: The Origin of The Earth

        Lecture 3: Geosphere and The Composition of The Earth

        Lecture 4: Shape and Size of The Earth

        Lecture 5: Earth-Moon System

        Lecture 6: Formation of Continents and Oceans

      • Unit 2: THE PLANET EARTH-II

        Lecture 1: Dating Rocks

        Lecture 2: Energy in The Earth System

        Lecture 3: Age of the Earth

        Lecture 4: Volcanism and Volcanic Landforms

        Lecture 5: Interior of Earth

        Lecture 6: Earthquakes

        Lecture 7: Earth’s Magnetism and Gravity

        Lecture 8: Isostasy

        Lecture 9: Elements of Plate Tectonics

        Lecture 10: Orogenesis

      • Unit 3: GEOMORPHOLOGY

        Lecture 1: Weathering and Erosion

        Lecture 2: Transportation and Deposition Due to Wind, Ice, River, Sea

        Lecture 3: Structurally Controlled Landforms


        Lecture 1: Concept of Stratum

        Lecture 2: Contour

        Lecture 3: Outcrop Patterns

        Lecture 4: Maps and Cross Sections

        Lecture 5: Dip and Strike

        Lecture 6: Classification and Origin of Folds

        Lecture 7: Faults

        Lecture 8: Joints

        Lecture 9: Foliation and Lineation

        Lecture 10: Unconformities

        Lecture 11: Shear Zones

        Lecture 12: Computation of True Thickness of Beds From Outcrops and Bore-Holes

        Lecture 13: The Stereographic Projection

      • Unit 5: PALAEONTOLOGY-I

        Lecture 1: Origin and Evolution of Life

        Lecture 2: Fossils

        Lecture 3: Morphological Characters and Ages of Important Groups of Animals

        Lecture 4: Trilobita

        Lecture 5: Graptolitoidea

        Lecture 6: Anthozoa

        Lecture 7: Echinodermata

      • Unit 6: PALAEONTOLOGY-II

        Lecture 1: Gondwana Plant Fossils

        Lecture 2: Elementary Idea of Verterbrate Fossils in India

      • Unit 7: STRATIGRAPHY

        Lecture 1: Principles of Stratigraphy

        Lecture 2: Stratigraphic Classification

        Lecture 3: Classification, Distribution and Ages of The Stratigraphic Formations of India

      • Unit 8: MINERALOGY-I

        Lecture 1: Symmetry and Forms in Common Crystal Classes

        Lecture 2: Physical Properties of Minerals

        Lecture 3: Isomorphism and Polymorphism

        Lecture 4: Classification of Minerals

        Lecture 5: Structure of Silicates

        Lecture 6: Mineralogy of Common Rock-Forming Minerals

      • Unit 9: MINERALOGY-II

        Lecture 1: Mode of Occurrence of Minerals in Rocks

        Lecture 2: Transmitted Polarised Light Microscopy and Optical Properties of Uniaxial

      • Unit 10: PETROLOGY

        Lecture 1: Definition and Classification of Rocks

        Lecture 2: Igneous Rock-Forms of Igneous Bodies

        Lecture 3: Crystallization From Magma

        Lecture 4: Classification of Igneous Rocks

        Lecture 5: Genesis of Igneous Rocks

      • Unit 11: SEDIMENTARY ROCKS

        Lecture 1: Sedimentary Rocks

        Lecture 2: Classification of Sedimentary Rocks

        Lecture 3: Texture of Sedimentary Rocks

        Lecture 4: Structure of Sedimentary Rocks

        Lecture 5: Size and Shape of Sedimentary Bodies

      • Unit 12: METAMORPHIC ROCKS

        Lecture 1: Metamorphic Rocks

        Lecture 2: Classification of Metamorphic Rocks

        Lecture 3: Metamorphic Facies

        Lecture 4: Metamorphic Texture

        Lecture 5: Metamorphic Rocks and Their Properties

        Lecture 6: Mineral Assemblages of Pelites in the Barrovian Facies Series

        Lecture 7: Mafic Rocks

      • Unit 13: ECONOMIC GEOLOGY-I

        Lecture 1: Properties of Common Economic Minerals

        Lecture 2: Processes of Formation of Mineral Deposits

      • Unit 14: ECONOMIC GEOLOGY-II

        Lecture 1: Physical Characters, Mode of Occurrence and Distribution

        Lecture 2: Coal and Petroleum Occurrences in India

      • Unit 15: APPLIED GEOLOGY

        Lecture 1: Ground Water

        Lecture 2: Mineral Exploration

        Lecture 3: Elements of Mining and Environmental Geology

        Lecture 4: Principles of Engineering Geology

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