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English Language (अंग्रेजी भाषा) - Question Bank (प्रश्न बैंक)

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Please read the below instructions to guide your way to use the Test Optimally

1) Once you click on the 'Start Practice' button the actual test time will begin.

2) There is no negative marking.

3) Countdown shall begin as soon as you launch the test.

4) You can select the Subject for which you need to take the test. Select from the List of the Subjects offered.

5) You can design your own test, Out of the total number of available questions you can select the number of questions you want in the test, to be attempted by you.

6) To add to the excitement of creating your own test, you can even allot the time frame within which you wish to complete the test.

7) For every test you wish to attempt, the first 5 question are FREE and for Demo purpose. You need to buy the Tests' which are NOT PAID or are not for FREE USE. You can click on the Buy Button and easily get access to knowledge bank, hassle free.

8) As believes in imparting barrier-less, convenient way to study with user's comfort, you can resolve the test from where you left it.

(a) Suppose you attempted 15 question from your selected subject test, and now want to re-attempt the test the other day. We offer you the option to take the test from where you left the previous time you had logged in.

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