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Our lives revolve around the chemical reactions. Most of the concepts in chemistry are abstract in nature which makes their comprehension difficult. Motion NEET Chemistry video lectures aim to building strong foundation. The video lectures are designed such that the core concept is explained thoroughly with the help of rich visuals and 2D /3D animations. You can follow along with the lecture at your own pace, going more slowly or quickly. You study with kota’s best faculty at your home comfort.

Chemistry Syllabus (Total Duration: 200+ Hours)
·         Ionic Equilibrium

·         Stoichiometry (I)- Mole Concept

·         Atomic Structure

·         Gaseous State

·         Chemical Equilibrium

·         Thermodynamics

·         Thermochemistry

·         Stoichiometry (II)- Redox

·         Chemical Bonding

·         Perodic Properties

·         Nomenclature of Organic Compound

·         GOC (General Organic Chemistry)

·         Isomerism

·         Hydrocarbon (Basic Organic Chemistry 2 + Hydrocarbon 17)

·         Alkyl Halide

·         Alcohol & Ether

·         Grignard Reagent

·         Carbonyl Compound

·         Aromatic Compounds + Electrophilic Substitution

·         Biomolecules

·         Liquid Solutions

·         Electrochemistry

·         Chemical Kinetic

·         Radio Activity

·         Solid State

·         Surface Chemistry

·         Coordination Chemistry

·         Block Chemistry ( s, p, d & f)

·         Metallurgy

·         Salt Analysis

Important Features of NEET Chemistry Video Lecture
·         Delivered by qualified faculties from premium institutes

·         Exhaustive Chemistry video lectures for conceptual clarity

·         Rich visuals and 2D/3D animations to present the complex concepts

·         Efficient problem solving methods by NEET experts

·         Complete & in-depth approach towards NEET /Board syllabus

·         Students can replay videos number of times which helps them in revision. Major advantage of e-learning is its accessibility.

·         Students can get education anywhere & anytime. We understand that every student has a different learning style & sometimes it is difficult to cope with pace of classroom teaching, which can lead to major backlogs. But with video content, a student can learn at his / her pace which builds confidence.

·         All the video content is completely offline.

·         We have created these videos especially for the preparation of entrance examinations.

·         MOTION is committed to train the students who are associated through our ADLP for various competitive exams in the best way possible.

·         Video Lecture Package combines the best teaching methodology with powerful visualization to give you in-depth & crystal-clear understanding of concepts. With so many syllabuses to cover in limited time, Motion's ADLP guarantees best understanding of subject matter in less time, so that you can focus on other subjects.

·         Learn efficient & effective problem-solving techniques

·         Build a comprehensive & exhaustive approach towards Physics topics and, in turn, towards NEET/Board syllabus

Advantage of NEET Chemistry Video Lecture
·         Self-Paced learning: Study as per your speed and convenience. Accelerate or decelerate depending on your capacity and grasping power.

·         Repetitious learning: Get chapter-wise lectures depending on your requirement and preparation agenda.

·         Comprehensive approach: Get access to detailed chapter-wise examples on best practices of NEET Preparation.

·         Proper Focus: It focuses on your weak areas and helps you convert into strengths.

·         Systematic division of time: Helps managing time & attention on topics / areas based on self analysis.

·         Helps you think like a topper: Provides complete understanding of the best practices and methodologies to attempt questions quickly and correctly.

·         Comprehensive solution: Complete conceptual clarity through different illustrations.

·         One-stop-solution: Basics to advanced level concept building under one roof.

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Package Validity: 01 Year (Note: You can pay additional 2000 Rs. with package and get 1 year additional Validity)

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