IIT JEE 2019 Exam | An Ultimate Guide to Joint Entrance Examination

IIT JEE 2019 Exam | An Ultimate Guide to Joint Entrance Examination

IIT JEE 2019 Exam | An Ultimate Guide to Joint Entrance Examination
JEE Main 2019 Notification & Exam Dates Out - Check Here

Hello Aspirants!

Welcome to the Information Place of IIT JEE 2019! Here you can explore the knowledge to the best & analyze every possible way to reach your destination.

'IIT JEE is an aspiration of lakhs of candidates but its qualification is in the fate of only a few ones', this thought must have gone through the minds of many students who dream about this exam.

Well, this is true that amongst 11-12 Lakh of aspirants, only around 2.24 lakh candidates can go ahead towards their career destination and rest others either wait for the next session or opt out some other career options.

But when you set something as your aim, you must not step back until you try harder to the ultimate extent! IIT JEE must be your dream, your ambition, your strongest desire, not just a race in which you will appear because all others are doing the same. If you do so, you’ll end up with nothing in hands. Make IIT JEE 2019 as your dream career & stay determined until you achieve it.

To help you in setting up IIT JEE Exam 2019 as your ambition, we have come up with this Absolute Guide through which you can slake your thirst of knowing about the exam, its procedure & preparation strategies to study from the scratch. Let’s get started here!

What is IIT JEE Exam? Mains & Advanced Career Scope!

Serving as a Gateway to Engineering/Architecture Courses from IITs or NITs, Joint Entrance Exam's AIR opens up many wonderful career opportunities for the young aspirants. If you're thinking What is IIT JEE! Then we would simply state this exam as the 'perfect platform where Engineering and Architecture aspirants find a chance to showcase their utmost talent & brilliancy level that matches with the IITs' standards.

Below we have mentioned the full form of JEE. Please have a look!

IIT JEE Full Form - It is also called as Joint Entrance Examination for Engineering & Architecture Courses offered by IITs, NITs or other prestigious colleges across India.

The Exam is conducted in 3 phases –

  • Main
  • Advanced
  • Architecture Aptitude Test (AAT)

IIT JEE 2019 Procedure

IIT JEE Main Exam 2019

The IIT JEE 2019 Competitive Race begins with its first phase i.e. Main. The Main Exam will be conducted in online mode only by NTA in January and April. To make Online Exam safe & secure, the exam convener authority uses LAN instead of Internet for taking the exam.

Those who want to continue their ambitious journey of JEE Exam 2019 may go further only after qualifying this exam. Mains Scores serve either as the eligibility to take admission in NITs/IIITs/CFTIs or an entry ticket to the next phase i.e. Advanced.

To learn more about the exam, please visit - the complete guide for JEE Mains 2019.

IIT JEE Advanced 2019 Exam

Those who don’t go for the Mains Counselling Procedure may opt for this second phase of IIT JEE Exam 2019 Competitive Race i.e. Advanced. The difficulty level of the exam increases from Mains to Advanced. The JEE Advanced exam will be conducted in online mode only.

IIT Advanced Scores hold a great worth for taking admission into IITs & ISM Dhanbad.

To read about the exam in detail, please visit the complete guide for JEE Advanced 2019.

JEE B Arch 2019 (AAT)

JEE B Arch 2019 Exam is specially designed for those candidates who are willing to pursue Architecture Courses such as B Arch from IITs. After passing the Mains & Advanced Exams, the JEE Architecture candidates must go through the AAT Exam & qualify it to ensure their success.

There are only 2 IITs (IIT Kharagpur & IIT Roorkee) which will offer Architectural Courses through JEE B Arch Result 2019.

To get the complete details of JEE B Arch Exam 2019, please visit here - JEE Architecture.

IIT JEE 2019 Eligibility Criteria for Mains & Advanced [Updated]

While planning to aspire for Joint Entrance Examination, many candidates skip this important stage of taking an eligibility test to confirm whether they’re eligible to appear in the exam or not.

The Exam convener authorities of IIT JEE 2019 Exam i.e. National Testing Agency has set some strict guidelines based on which the applicable candidates for Mains & Advanced will be filtered in. And only those candidates who pass this eligibility check, will be able to apply for both the exams.

Let's know what are the crucial factors that decide whether you’re eligible to appear in Mains & Advanced Exams or not!

S.No. Mains Eligibility Factors Advanced Eligibility Factors
1. Nationality Main Score
2. Age Limit & Date of Birth Age Limit & Date of Birth
3. Year of Appearance in 12th Class or Equivalent Exam College Admission Criteria
4. Qualifying Exams Names Qualifying Exams Names
5. No. of Subjects in Qualifying Exams Marks obtained in Qualifying Exams
6. Total No. of Attempts to appear in Main Total No. of Attempts to appear in Advanced
7. Marks obtained in Qualifying Exams -

To study the JEE Eligibility Criteria in detail, please visit the following blogs –

IIT JEE 2019 Exam Date & Notifications [Stay Updated]

Every year, the official authorities of Joint Entrance Examination make some necessary changes in the Exam Procedure & Criteria. To keep you updated with all the latest notification regarding the upcoming changes in exam pattern, online procedure, results procedure, eligibility criteria, syllabus and many more, we have planned up this informative section for you.

Here you can chalk out the Important IIT JEE 2019 Exam Dates & Upcoming Notifications with the officially declared facts & figures.

Let’s see which are the Important IIT JEE Exam Date 2019!

S.No. Important Activities Exam Dates
1. JEE Mains I 2019 Registration Date 1st to 30th September 2018
2. IIT JEE Admit Card for JEE Mains I 17th Dec 2018
3. IIT JEE Exam Date 2019 for Mains I 6th to 20th Jan 2019
4. IIT JEE 2019 Result Date for Mains I 31st Jan 2019
5. JEE Mains II 2019 Registration Date 8th Feb to 7th March 2019
6. IIT JEE Admit Card for JEE Mains II 18th March 2019
7. IIT JEE Exam Date 2019 for Mains II 6th to 20th April 2019
8. IIT JEE 2019 Result Date for Mains II 30th April 2019
9. IIT JEE 2019 Exam Date for Advanced 19th May 2019
10. IIT JEE 2019 Result Date for Advanced Exam June 2019

For more important dates, please check out the image given below –

IIT JEE 2019 Exam Dates

What's New in Joint Entrance Examination 2019?

12th Percentage matters while appearing for JEE Main Exam.

The IIT JEE Mains 2019 will be conducted twice a year by National Testing Agency.

The IIT JEE Mains 2019 paper will be held in online mode only.

The JEE Advanced is conducted by one of the IITs and IIT Roorkee is going to conduct the JEE Advanced 2019 Exam.

If anymore changes are made in the official brochure, we’ll update you with the perfect guidelines & information. To stay updated with latest IIT JEE Latest News & Notification, please bookmark the following pages –

IIT JEE Exam Pattern for Paper 1 & Paper 2

Joint Entrance Examination has named Engineering & Architecture Papers as Paper 1 & Paper 2 respectively. Both papers have different IIT JEE Exam Pattern and paper 2 is completely an offline exam. To distinguish between these papers & provide you a clear idea about the marking scheme & time duration mentioned in the 2019 Pattern, we have come up with the following table.

Main Exam Pattern

For Paper 1
Subjects Questions Marks
Physics 30 120
Chemistry 30 120
Mathematics 30 120
Total 90 360
For Paper 2
Subjects Questions Marks
Mathematics 30 120
Aptitude Test 50 200
Drawing Test 2 70
Total 82 390

Advanced Exam Pattern

For Paper 1
Subjects Sections Questions Total Marks Max Marks per Question Negative Marking
Physics 1 5 15 3 -1
Chemistry 2 8 32 4 -2
Mathematics 3 5 15 3 -1
For Paper 2
Subjects Sections Questions Total Marks Max Marks per Question Negative Marking
Physics 1 6 18 3 -1
Chemistry 2 8 32 4 -2
Mathematics 3 4 12 3 0

#Negative Marking in Both Exams – Deduction of 1/4th Mark from Each Question.

To understand the IIT JEE Exam Pattern of both the exams in a better way, please go through the following blogs –

IIT JEE B Arch 2019 Exam Pattern

S. No. Subjects Duration
1. Freehand Drawing 36 Minutes
2. Geometrical Drawing 36 Minutes
3. Three - dimensional perception 36 Minutes
4. Imagination and Aesthetic Sensitivity 36 Minutes
5. Architectural Awareness 36 Minutes
Total 3 Hours

IIT JEE Syllabus 2019 PDF for Physics, Chemistry, Maths & B Arch Subjects

There are two kinds of aspirants in Engineering Exam! First who are aspiring Joint Entrance Test for Engineering & the second are those who aspire Joint Entrance Test for Architecture.

To make the preparations smoother for both kinds of aspirants, Eduncle is presenting the Syllabus & List of Important Topics for 4 Major Subjects - IIT JEE Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Aptitude & Drawing. Let’s start taking these subjects one by one!

IIT JEE 2019 Syllabus for Physics

IIT JEE 2019 Syllabus for Physics

IIT JEE Syllabus 2019 for Maths

IIT JEE Syllabus 2019 for Maths

Joint Entrance Examination Syllabus PDF for Chemistry

Joint Entrance Examination Syllabus PDF for Chemistry

IIT JEE Syllabus 2019 PDF for Aptitude & Drawing Test

IIT JEE Syllabus 2019 PDF for Aptitude & Drawing Test

Above we have provided the combined list of important topics from Mains & Advanced, if you want to get the entire syllabus of both the exams, please visit –

Best Books for IIT JEE Preparation 2019 [Coaching & Study Material]

The Vital key to give a smart start to your preparations is to chalk out all the essential study stuff that would be required to conquer the Joint Entrance Examination. To ease out your searches, we have come up with a check list of IIT JEE Study Material. Please note down the list & buy the relevant study material from the reasonable places only.


1. Best Books for IIT JEE Preparations – From a Well-Known Author

2. IIT JEE Books Free Download (Physics, Chemistry & Maths)

3. IIT JEE Study Material Free Download PDF (Physics, Chemistry & Maths)

4. IIT JEE Notes PDF (Physics, Chemistry, JEE Maths)

5. Short Formulas PDFs designed by Experts

For your ease, we are availing you a list of Recommended Books for IIT JEE Preparation. Please check out below!

Best Books for IIT JEE Preparation Featured

Kick start your preparations with best books for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced Books.

How to Prepare for IIT JEE 2019 without Coaching? [Experts Tips]

Giving emphasis on Coaching in the following question - 'How to Prepare for IIT JEE 2019 without Coaching?', I'm going to provide you some experts' designed sure-shot success mantras which may help you to score well in the exam even without taking help of any IIT JEE Coaching or Institutes.

Any student can't achieve success in just 3 or 6 months of preparation, until he’s outstandingly brilliant. Achieving qualification in the exam requires at least a year full of hard studies, dedication & determination.

With the help of tips given below, you won’t require any IIT JEE Coaching, only within the targeted self-study, you can reach your goal destination.

Let’s have a look!

  • Chalk Out the Important Topics for Physics, IIT JEE Chemistry & Maths. Drawing & Aptitude in case of Architecture/ B Arch Students.

  • Understand the Exam Pattern & Check Out the Rank List of IIT JEE Toppers 2018. 

  • After analyzing the pattern & cutoff scores of Top JEE Ranks, you must set a targeted score for yourself.

  • Based on the targeted score, your further goals will be decided. Like how many topics you’d be covering in how many days? How much study hours you can spend per day? What study stuff you’d be requiring to cover-up the entire syllabus?

Above mentioned questions might run in your mind while you seek to set study goals for yourself. For easing out your queries, below we have come up with the best solutions & perfect guidance to all these queries!

  • You must study at least 6 hours a day and save 30 mins extra for Revision. Go through the JEE Main Study Plan for more guidance!

  • Start with the Important Topics and as soon as you complete all of them along with the revision of whole, please proceed towards covering the remaining ones. This way you can easily complete the entire syllabus.

  • Don't forget to perform revision at the day end. Daily Revision would help you in boosting up your brain power and you'll remember topics for longer duration

  • Solve JEE Question Papers from Past Years & Mock Test Papers to test your performance level. Solving JEE Papers from last years will provide you a fair idea of the difficulty level of questions in the exam.

Try to solve as much as questions you can & keep the time limit & negative marking in mind while doing so.

  • Prepare self-made IIT JEE Notes separately for each subject. In these notes, keep up all your master formulas, short tricks, learning methods, shortcuts & important points that you would require revising later.

Also, note down your areas of improvement in these notes & mark them with a highlighter to work on them later.

  • Wherever you stuck during your preparations you may ask experts or may contact to the Best Coaching Institutes for IIT JEE Preparation to resolve your queries.

There are lot many IIT JEE Online Coaching which helps students in getting their preparation queries resolved for free. Refer them when you feel like you need a guidance.

  • Also, take Online IIT JEE Mock Tests & Test Series to improve your speed & accuracy.

If you need more guidance in preparation please visit –

IIT JEE Application Form 2019 for Mains & Advanced [Registration Process]

Like we book the reservation to get a seat in the Bus/Train/Plane, similarly you must book your seat in the exam hall. With the help of IIT JEE Application Form 2019, candidates can make the online registration & confirm their number amongst lakhs of aspirants.

IIT JEE 2019 Application Form for Mains I was released on 1st September 2018. The candidates were able to apply online till 30th September 2018.

The online forms for Advanced Exam will be out in April 2019.

To provide you a hassle-free submission of IIT JEE 2019 Application Form, we are presenting a blog in which we have made the IIT JEE Registration for Mains & Advanced easier with the help of step by step procedure.

Please check out the following blogs –

IIT JEE Admit Card 2019 for Mains & Advanced [Hall Ticket + Call Letter]

Here comes the most important document without which you won't be permitted to get entry in the exam hall. This document is known as – IIT JEE Admit Card or IIT JEE Hall Ticket.

After the completion of online form filling process, official website will issue the IIT JEE Admit Card 2019 to only those candidates who successfully apply for the exam. Those who make the online process in a wrong way, won't be able to get their JEE Admit Cards 2019. So, make sure, you read all the instructions carefully!

Regarding the applicant, there would be some essential information mentioned on the IIT JEE 2019 Admit Card or Hall Ticket like –

  • Name of the Candidate

  • Roll Number

  • Centre of Examination

  • Date and Time of Examination

  • Date of Birth

  • Signature

  • Photograph

  • Corresponding Address of the candidate

If you find any mistake in the credentials mentioned for above information in your JEE Admit Card, please make the authorities aware of it immediately, so that they can either replace your admit card or make some necessary arrangements for you.

The IIT JEE Mains 2019 Admit Card will be released on 17th December 2018 and JEE Advanced Admit Cards will be released in May 2019.

If you want to read its important instructions & key things that you should remember while downloading JEE Hall Ticket, please visit the following blogs-

IIT JEE Previous Papers with Solutions Free PDF

Are you seeking for the IIT JEE Question Papers designed by Experts? If yes, then you’re at the right place!

To help you out in getting all the IIT JEE Papers at one place, we have designed this section! Here you can get –

  • Expected IIT JEE Question Papers with Solutions

  • IIT JEE Previous Papers with Solutions PDF

  • IIT JEE Sample Papers Free Download PDF

  • IIT JEE 2018 Question Paper (Also for 2017, 2015, 2014 & 2013)

  • JEE Mock Test etc.

Please visit these pages to get the Mains & Advanced Question Papers PDF!

IIT JEE Result 2019, Cut off Marks & Selection Procedure

IIT JEE Result got declared! The outraging sound when someone speaks this, can make all the aspirants skip a heartbeat. With an optimistic yet overwrought expression, they move towards their laptops or PCs or Cyber Cafe’s to see their JEE Results.

Well, declaring IIT JEE Result 2019 can be more nerve cracking situation for you and all other aspirants than the situation you all had before appearing in the exam. You all might be tensed to know what might be hidden in your IIT JEE 2019 Result.

To render you all a feel of relaxation, we have come up with the expected IIT JEE Cutoff 2019. Through these cutoff marks, you can be sure about what score can be expected to get qualified in the exam.

If you still have doubts, please can go through the JEE Mains Answer Keys & JEE Advanced Answer Keys to have an idea about the right & wrong answers.

As far as IIT JEE 2019 Result is concerned, the official website has declared the confirmed dates. You can check the official dates as given below in the table.

Exam Name JEE Result Date 2019
IIT JEE 2019 Result for Mains 31th January 2019
IIT JEE Exam Result 2019 for Advanced June 2019
IIT JEE 2019 Result Date for AAT June 2019

To get every single update for IIT JEE 2019 Results & Selection Criteria, please keep visiting –

JEE Rank Predictor 2019 - Marks vs Rank Analysis!

Do you want to know which JEE Rank you can expect in the Mains or Advanced Exam? Well, try out this data to analyze the Rank List of Top 5 IIT JEE Mains Toppers.

All India Rank Name Scores
AIR 1 Bhogi Suraj Krishna 350
AIR 2 KVR Hemant Kumar Chodipilli 350
AIR 3 Parth Lathuria 350
AIR 4 Pranav Goyal 350
AIR 5 Gattu Mytraya 350

Also check – JEE Advanced Rank List.

IIT JEE College Predictor 2019 & Counselling Procedure [Mains & Advanced]

If you’re confused amongst various colleges which to choose & which not to take admission in Engineering Courses, then you need not to worry about it! As Eduncle has come up with the detailed list of Colleges accepting Mains & Advanced Scores along with their Seat Matrix & Fee Structure, half of your worries can be reduced.

Please follow the blogs to get relevant information for this –

List of Top Colleges that have higher Seats in Joint Entrance Examination 2019

S.No Institutes

IIT JEE Counselling 2019 Procedure

The counselling procedure is conducted separately for each paper. Those students who quit just after qualifying the Mains Exam may appear in the Main Counselling for NIT Admissions. And the candidates who continue the race & qualify the second phase too may go for the JEE Counselling 2019 for Advanced Exam.

As per the recently released notification the IIT JEE Counselling Dates will be in the last week of June 2019.

Folks, above we have had our fair share of making the essential IIT Joint Entrance Examination Information available for you. We’re sure that this guide will surely help you to play smart while planning a great study approach for the exam & achieving good marks too.

If you’ve any doubts or queries regarding anything related to Joint Entrance Examination, please ask us with no hesitation. Our Experts Team will try to reduce your curiosity with a satisfactory answer.

To stay updated with latest notification alerts from IIT JEE, kindly join us on Eduncle Facebook & Eduncle YouTube.

Happy Preparations! 😊

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JEE Advanced Syllabus
  Dear Aspirants!   Welcome to the next round of JEE Series!   Have you ever wondered what can you do to ensure your success in such tough exam like – IIT JEE? Do you ever think what should be your perfect str... View More »
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