CSIR NET BOOSTER I (Chemical Sciences) June 2020


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Course Structure

          The Curriculum Section of this Course covers the following Content :

  • 25 Units of Theory [PART A, B & C (10+15 respectively)]

Module: NET - THEORETICAL COURSE - Chemical Sciences (Part A, B & C)

  • Subject: General Aptitude
  • Subject: Chemical Sciences

        Attachments 1: Chemical Periodicity

        Attachments 2: Chemical Bonding and Structures of Molecules

        Attachments 3: Concepts of Acids and Bases


        Attachments 1: Chemistry of s and p-Block Elements Including Noble Gases (1)

        Attachments 2: Chemistry of s and p-Block Elements Including Noble Gases (2)


    • Section 3: Inorganic Chemistry-III

        Attachments 1: Coordination Chemistry (1)

        Attachments 2: Coordination Chemistry (2)

        Attachments 3: Inner Transition Elements

        Attachments 4: Organometallic Compounds

    • Section 4: Inorganic Chemistry-IV

        Attachments 1: Cages and Cluster Compound

        Attachments 2: Analytical Chemistry

        Attachments 3: Bioinorganic Chemistry

    • Section 5: Inorganic Chemistry-V

        Attachments 1: Spectroscopy

        Attachments 2: Nuclear Chemistry

    • Section 6: Physical Chemistry-I

        Attachments 1: Quantum Mechanics or Wave Mechanics

        Attachments 2: Postulates of Quantum Mechanics

        Attachments 3: Operators in Quantum Mechanics

        Attachments 4: Quantum Mechanics of Simple Systems

        Attachments 5: The Schrodinger Wave Equation for Multi-Electron Atoms

        Attachments 6: Atomic Structure and Quantum Theory

        Attachments 7: Black Body Radiation

        Attachments 8: Photoelectric Effect

        Attachments 9: The Bohr’s Theory of an Atom

        Attachments 10: Hydrogen Spectrum

        Attachments 11: Wave - Particle Duality

        Attachments 12: The Heisenhberg Uncertainty Principle

        Attachments 13: The Compton Effect

        Attachments 14: Quantum Numbers

        Attachments 15: Pauli’s exclusion Principle

        Attachments 16: Hund’s Maximum Multiplicity Rule

        Attachments 17: Alkali Spectra

    • Section 7: Physical Chemistry-II

        Attachments 1: Chemical Bonding in Diatomics

        Attachments 2: Valence Bond Theory

        Attachments 3: Molecular Orbital Theory (MOT)


        Attachments 5: Group Theory

        Attachments 6: Molecular Spectroscopy

        Attachments 7: Pure Rotation (Microwave) Spectra

        Attachments 8: Vibrational or I.R. Spectroscopy

        Attachments 9: Raman-Spectroscopy

        Attachments 10: Electronic Spectra

        Attachments 11: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR)

        Attachments 12: Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Spectra

        Attachments 13: Mossbauer Spectroscopy

        Attachments 14: Photoelectron Spectroscopy (PES)

        Attachments 15: Zeeman Effect in NQR Spectra

        Attachments 16: Mass Spectrometry (MS)

    • Section 8: Physical Chemistry-III

        Attachments 1: Thermodynamics

        Attachments 2: Statistical Thermodynamics

    • Section 9: Physical Chemistry-IV

        Attachments 1: Electrochemistry

        Attachments 2: Chemical kinetics

    • Section 10: Physical Chemistry-V

        Attachments 1: 1. Colloids and Surfaces

        Attachments 2: Solid State

        Attachments 3: Polymer Chemistry.

        Attachments 4: Data Analysis

    • Section 11: Organic Chemistry-I

        Attachments 1: IUPAC Nomenclature of Organic Compounds

        Attachments 2: Principle of Stereochemistry

        Attachments 3: Reaction Mechanism

        Attachments 4: Aromaticity

        Attachments 5: Tautomerism

        Attachments 6: Organic Reactive Intermediate.

    • Section 12: Organic Chemistry-II

        Attachments 1: Organic Reaction Mechanism

        Attachments 2: Common Named Reactions

        Attachments 3: Molecular Rearrangement

        Attachments 4: Oxidising Agents

        Attachments 5: Reducng Agents.

        Attachments 6: Organometallic Reagents

    • Section 13: Organic Chemistry-III

        Attachments 1: Concept in Organic Synthesis and Asymmetric Synthesis

        Attachments 2: Pericyclic Reactions

    • Section 14: Organic Chemistry-IV

        Attachments 1: Photochemistry

        Attachments 2: Heterocyclic Chemistry

        Attachments 3: Chemistry of Natural Products

        Attachments 4: Structure Determination of Organic Compounds by Spectroscopy

    • Section 15: Organic Chemistry-V

        Attachments 1: Chemistry in Nanoscience and Technology

        Attachments 2: Catalysis for Green Chemistry

        Attachments 3: Medicinal Chemistry

        Attachments 4: Supramolecular Chemistry

        Attachments 5: Environmental Chemistry

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