How to Prepare for English in SSC CGL & CHSL Exam?

Tips and Reference Books

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) recruits' lakhs of students every year. This is a central government agency which is aimed at providing jobs specially to graduate level students under various departments like -

  • Central Secretariat Service

  • Central Vigilance Commission

  • Intelligence Bureau

  • Ministry of Railways

  • Ministry of External Affairs

  • Ministry of Defense

  • CBI and a few other Ministries / Departments / Organizations of the Central Govt.

SSC conducts a variety of exams for 10th level students, 12th level students and graduate level students. Candidates mainly appear for SSC CGL and SSC CHSL exams.

Below the blog you will find the preparation guide for SSC exams like SSC CGL and SSC CHSL.

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The candidates who apply for SSC Exams are offered various posts which are as follows-

  • Assistant

  • Inspector

  • Divisional Accountant

  • Statistical Officer

  • Auditor

  • Accountant

  • Junior Accountant

  • UDC

  • Tax Assistant

  • Compiler

English Section is one of the sections which can be attempted in less time. SSC English is the section which is sometimes found a bit scoring and sometimes a bit tough by most of the candidates appearing for various SSC exams.

Below in the blog you will find some important tips which can prove useful to attempt this section.

Check out the number of questions asked in Tier 1 and Tier 2 in 2015 and 2016.

Topic Tier I (2015) Tier I (2016)
Vocabulary 6 6
Sentence improvement 10 10
Comprehension 10 10
Sentence Correction 5 5
Error Detection 10 10
Idioms and phrases 5 5
One-word substitution 7 7
Spelling mistake 2 2
Total 50 50
Topic Tier II (2015) Tier II (2016)
Vocabulary 6 6
Sentence improvement 22 22
Comprehension 30 30
Sentence Correction 5 5
Error Detection 20 20
Idioms and phrases 10 10
One-word substitution 12 12
Spelling mistake 3 3
Para Jumbles 20 20
Active-Passive 20 20
Cloze Test 25 25
Narration 27 27
Total 200 200

How to prepare English for SSC CGL 2017? [Based on New Pattern]

Since SSC mainly cater for SSC CGL and SSC CHSL exams. In both the exams there is a slight difference in the syllabus asked. So have a look at the syllabus of SSC CGL and SSC CHSL.

  • Click below to know the syllabus.

  • Read English Newspaper on regular basis.

  • Watch English movies with subtitles.

  • Previous year papers can definitely help you out to score better in less time.

  • Attempt this section in 20-25 minutes.

  • Learn new words daily.

  • Manage your time according to your capability. If you find this subject little tough, then you should spend 2-3 hours per day to learn and practice pervious year papers.

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Mock tests taken with time watch also help to score well and develop speed.

Important Topics for SSC Exams 2017

Important Topics for SSC Exams 2017


Strengthen your vocabulary skills. Read English books, novels and newspapers. Watch English news channels and movies. Not much efforts are required to improve your vocabulary if you are keenly interested to score well in SSC Exam. Be it SSC CGL exam or SSC CHSL. It becomes better with time. You just need to memorize new words and its meaning with its antonyms and synonyms.


Identify the tone of the paragraph, it helps in answering questions very quickly.

Practicing more and more passages will improve your speed to identify the answers quickly.

Step 1: Understand the sense and language.

Step 2: Read questions first so that you know what you are looking for in the passage.

Step 3: Read first and last para twice and thoroughly.

Error Detection

    Questions which are asked in error detection section should be read once completely.

    Here are some mistakes asked in this section.

    1. ‘No sooner’ is followed by ‘than’.

    2. More than one indicates a plural sense, but it is treated as a sort of compound of one.

  • Example: More than one employee was killed in the accident.

  • 3. 'Unless' expresses a condition and is always used in the negative sense. Thus ‘not’ is never used with ‘unless’.

  • Example: Unless you work hard, you will not excel in the examination.

  • 4. The preposition “off” denotes “separation”, “at a distance from” or “far from” whereas the preposition “of” denotes cause, origin, quality, possession.

  • Example: He put off his coat.

Idioms and phrases

  • Idioms and phrases are usually asked in SSC Exams.

  • So prepare well with this section.

  • Under a cloud- Under a suspicion

  • Flogging a dead horse- wasting time in useless efforts

  • Look Down up- Hate intensely

  • Hard to hearing- Somewhat deaf

Spelling mistake

    This is one of the simple things which we have always learnt from our childhood. There are some simple rules to solve question from spelling mistakes section. So have a look at some of these rules to solve these questions for SSC English section.

    1. Silent “e” is usually kept before a suffix beginning with a constant.

  • Example: Care + Less = careless

  • 2. Silent “e” at the end of a word is usually dropped before a suffix beginning with a vowel.

  • Example: Dine + ing = Dining

  • 3. Consonant ‘I’ is doubled in the words ending in single vowel + “I” before a suffix beginning with a vowel.

  • Example: Repel + ent = repellent

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Para Jumbles

    Questions from this section can be asked in form of various sentences and various in 1 sentence.

    For example,

  • There will a paragraph in which you have to arrange sentence sequence wise. Or there will be 1 sentence in which you have to arrange words.


Here are some rules for active passive voice.

Simple Present
Active voice: Subject+V1+Object
Passive Voice: Object +is/am/are+V3 + Subject

Present Continuous
Active voice: Subject +is/am/are+V1+ing+Object
Passive Voice: Object +is/am/are+being+V3+by+Subject

Present Perfect
Active voice: Subject +has/have+V3+Object
Passive Voice: Object+ has/have+been+V3+by+Subject

Simple Past
Active voice: Subject+V2+Object
Passive Voice: Object +was/were+V3+by+Subject

Past Continuous
Active voice: Subject +was/were+V1+ing+Object
Passive Voice: Object +was/were+being+V3+by+Subject

Past Perfect
Active voice: Subject+Had+V3+Object
Passive Voice: Object+Had+been+V3+by+Subject

Simple Future
Active voice: Subject +Will/Shall+V1+Object
Passive Voice: Object +Will/Shall+Be+V3+By+Subject

Future Continuous
Active voice: Subject +Will/Shall+be+V1+ing+Object
Passive Voice: We can Not make Passive Voice

Future Perfect
Active voice: Subject +Shall/will+have+V3+Object
Passive Voice: Object +Shall/will+have+been+V3+by+Subject

Cloze Test

In this section there will be a passage with some blanks in which you have to fill the appropriate word. These sentences will be related to each other so it will be easy for you to fill the correct word.

NOTE: Solving previous year papers will help you develop a strong hold over such type of questions asked in the SSC CPO Exams.

Direct Indirect Speech

Direct Indirect
Present Indefinite (write) Past Indefinite (wrote)
Present Continuous (is writing) Past continuous (was writing)
Present Perfect (has written) Past Perfect ( had written)
Perfect Continuous (has been writing) Past Perfect Continuous (had been writing)
Past Indefinite (wrote) Past Perfect (had written)
Past Continuous (was writing) Past Perfect Continuous (Had been writing)
Past Perfect (had written) No change
Past Perfect Continuous No change

Reference Books for SSC Exam 2017

These books will surely help to cross your preparation phase with ease. You just need to focus on regularity and consistency towards your preparation.

S. No. SSC English Topics Books Names Author Names
1. Quick learning Objective General English RS Aggarwal & Vikas Aggarwal
2. Perfect Competitive English V. K. Sinha
3. Competitive General English Kiran Prakshan
4. Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis
5. Objective General English S P Bakshi

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About SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam

SSC conducts a special exam for Graduate level students which is followed by 3 separate levels which are known as tier – tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3.

SSC conducts Combined Graduate Level Examination (CGLE) for posts of Inspector in IT / Central Excise / Dept. of post, SI in CBI, Assistant, Divisional Accountant, SSC Constable GD, Auditor, UDC and Junior Accountant etc.

Combined Higher Secondary Level examination.

Sub-Inspector in CPO (BSF, CRPF, CISF, ITBP, SSB).

Section Officer (Audit & Commercial).

Junior Engineers Examination.

Compiler Exam.

Statistical Investigator.

To know more about the posts offered in SSC CGL Recruitment, must read - SSC CGL Post Preferences, Salary, Job Profile, Promotion.

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