IBPS Reasoning (PO, Clerk, SO and RRB) | How to Conquer It?


Greeting Aspirants!

Do you know which section can make you score more in the series of IBPS Recruitment Exams? Well, that’s Reasoning Section! 😊

Yes, if you are good at using your logical thinking and mental ability while solving tricky questions, then you can definitely be a winner in the IBPS Reasoning Section.

Complete Guide to upskill your Reasoning with the Simple and Result Oriented Methods! Grab the Bonus Stuff!

Below in this blog, we are going to provide you every required information that may be helpful while preparing for Reasoning section and attempting the questions.

IBPS Reasoning - Know Exactly what it is and why it is Important!

An aspirant who is willing to appear in any of the IBPS Exams will have to face out the Reasoning questions in both the recruitment test phases - Prelims and Mains.

The exam convener authority has made it compulsory for candidates to attempt this section and qualify it with more than the sectional cutoff, otherwise, they may fail in qualifying the exam.

The best approach that they can use to solve such questions is -

Step-1: Make sense of things, information and facts provided in the question.

Step-2: Verify and analyze them deeply by using the facts provided.

Step-3: Rationally work through the data and use your mental ability to opt the best-suited method that can ease out the process of arriving at conclusions.

Step-4: At the end, form conclusion and judgments from facts, beliefs or premises.

Reasoning is the ability to think from perceived premise to a logical conclusion.


IBPS Reasoning Fast Facts

Reasoning is used for testing a candidate’s mental ability and observation power.

Reasoning Ability is important for – All the posts offered by IBPS (PO, Clerk, SO and RRB).

Reasoning is the highest scoring subject amongst all the 5 sections.

Reasoning can fill your score bag with - 35 Marks in Prelims (40 Marks for IBPS RRB Prelims) and 50 Marks in Main Exam.

Reasoning questions make your brain run faster and boost up your logical thinking capacity.


Do the in-depth study of IBPS Reasoning down the blog!


5 Important Reasoning Aspects Every Candidate Should Know Before Appearing in the Exam!

Aspiring to appear in the most ambitious career race - IBPS Recruitment 2017? If YES! Then, you must definitely read the below points to get yourself very well prepared for the highest scoring section of IBPS Exam Series.

What is the IBPS Reasoning Exam Pattern and Selection Scheme?

Check out the Reasoning Exam Pattern for all the IBPS Exams in the table given below!

Exam Name No. of Ques No. of Questions to be attempted (Suggested by Experts) Total Marks Time Limit to Attempt the Questions
IBPS PO Exam Pattern for Reasoning
Prelims 35 20-22 35
Mains 50 30-35 50 40 Minutes
IBPS Clerk Exam Pattern for Reasoning
Prelims 35 20-22 35
Mains 40 25-27 50 30 Minutes
IBPS SO Exam Pattern for Reasoning
Mains 50 30 50 40 Minutes
IBPS RRB Exam Pattern for Reasoning
Prelims 40 25 40 22-25 Minutes
Mains 40 25-27 50 30 Minutes

What is the Complete IBPS Reasoning Syllabus asked in all the IBPS Exams?

However, the official website of IBPS doesn’t provide any syllabus for Reasoning! But on the basis of previous years’ papers analysis, Eduncle is providing the complete IBPS Reasoning Syllabus in the prescribed format.

Please look below and note down the topics that you have to cover for Reasoning section!

IBPS PO Reasoning Syllabus

  • Analogy
  • Classification
  • Word formation
  • Statement and conclusions Syllogism
  • Statement and assumptions
  • Statement and arguments
  • Coding Decoding
  • Blood Relations
  • ...Read More!

IBPS PO Reasoning Syllabus

1. Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • Series test
  • Odd figure Out
  • Analogy
  • Miscellaneous Test etc.

2. Verbal Reasoning

  • Analogy
  • Classification
  • Word formation
  • Statement and conclusions
  • Syllogism
  • Statement and assumptions
  • Statement and arguments
  • Coding Decoding
  • Blood Relations
  • Passage and conclusions
  • ...Read More!

IBPS SO Reasoning Syllabus

  • Logic
  • Classification
  • Cubes and Dice
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Syllogism
  • Clocks & Calendars
  • Arithmetical Reasoning
  • Mathematical Operations
  • Input-Output
  • Coding-Decoding
  • ...Read More!

IBPS RRB Reasoning Syllabus

  • Analogy
  • Odd Man Out
  • Syllogism
  • Coding decoding
  • Blood relations
  • Alphabet test
  • Series test
  • Number
  • Ranking and Time Sequence
  • Causes and Effects
  • ...Read More!

Download the Complete IBPS Exams Syllabus in PDF Format and start your exam prep!

Which are the Most Important Topics for IBPS Reasoning Exam?

Analyzing the vast syllabi of IBPS Exams, Eduncle has come up with the list of Important Topics on the basis of their marks weightage.

The candidates can check out the list and mark the mentioned topics as important!

Important Topics for IBPS Reasoning Exam

  • For a wise approach while preparing, you can take these topics at first and then cover the remaining topics from the syllabus.

You can also take help of Online Learning Packages and Study Material to cover up your complete syllabus!

Get the Best Suited Study Material and Books to accomplish the Reasoning Preparation!

Which Type of Questions Come in IBPS Reasoning Paper

If you are a first timer, then it is obvious to get curious about the difficulty level of questions that come in the IBPS question papers!

To make you aware of the difficulty level of IBPS Reasoning questions and their format, we are providing you some sample questions below!

Check out the questions and try to solve them with complete accuracy!

IBPS Reasoning Sample Questions!

Directions (Q. 1-5)

Read the following information and answer the questions that follow.

  • There are Six Medical Representatives - Pankaj, Anurag, Rahul, Sumit, Rashid and Dheeraj.

  • They go out with their managers - Kailash, Pathan, Maheshwari, Gupta, Gautam and Kalpana, not necessarily in the same order.

  • They go through bus, car, bike, train and two of them go through airplane.

  • They are from different companies, viz SunPharma, Cadila, Mankind, Biocon. But there are two medical representatives and managers of Sunpharma and Biocon.

Further information is as follows:

  • Pankaj and Sumit go by airplane but they are not from Sunpharma and Biocon.

  • Dheeraj can't go out with Gautam. Both of them are not from Mankind.

  • Gupta and Maheshwari travel by bus and bike respectively.

  • Rahul goes with Kalpana by car but they are not from Cadila and Biocon.

  • Anurag goes by bus and he was from Sunpharma.

  • Rashid can't go either with Kailash nor with Pathan and he does not go by bike nor he was from Mankind or Cadila.

Ques:1. If Pankaj goes with Pathan, then they are from which company?

  • (A). Cadila
  • (B). Mankind
  • (C). Biocon
  • (D). Cannot be determined
  • (E). None of these.

Ques:2. Who among the following travels through bus?

  • (A). Maheshwari
  • (B). Rahul
  • (C). Anurag
  • (D). Sumit
  • (E). None of these.

Ques:3. Who among the following goes with Sumit?

  • (A). Pathan
  • (B). Kailash
  • (C). Gupta
  • (D). Cannot be determined
  • (E). None of these.

Ques:4. Who among the following are from Sun pharma?

  • (A). Rashid & Anurag
  • (B). Anurag & Kalpana
  • (C). Rahul & Gupta
  • (D). Both options (B) and (C)
  • (E). None of these.

Ques:5. Gautam travels through?

  • (A). Bus
  • (B). Bike
  • (C). Airplane
  • (D). Car
  • (E). None of these.

Directions (Q. 6-10)

In each group of questions below are given two/three statements followed by two conclusions numbered I and II.

You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the two/three statements, disregarding commonly known facts.

Give Answer -

  • (A). if only conclusion I follows.
  • (B). if only conclusion II follows.
  • (C). if either conclusion I or conclusion II follows.
  • (D). if neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows.
  • (E). if both conclusion I and conclusion II follow.

Ques:6. Statements:

  • All flowers are leaves.
  • Some leaves are stems.
  • Some stems are not roots.


  • Some leaves are not roots.
  • All leaves being flowers is a possibility.

Ques:7. Statements:

  • All rooms are labs.
  • All rooms are library.
  • No library is a gym.


  • All labs are library.
  • All rooms being gym is a possibility.

Ques:8. Statements:

  • Some books are text. No book is a paper.


  • No paper is a text.
  • Some texts are definitely not books.

Ques (9 and 10)


  • All glasses are woods.
  • All woods are plastics.
  • No plastic is brick.

Ques:9. Conclusions:

  • Some glasses are definitely not plastics.
  • No brick is glass.

Ques:10. Conclusions:

  • No woods is brick.
  • Some glasses being brick is a possibility.

Directions (Q. 11-13)

In certain code language -

  • 'today there is holiday' is written as 'zb me sr un',
  • 'holiday creates smile today' is written as 'sr ub un wa',
  • 'there creates some differences' is written as 'ba wa zb de',
  • 'differences makes today perfect' is written as 'lo de un fa'.

Ques:11. What does ‘me’ stands for?

  • (A). there
  • (B). smile
  • (C). holiday
  • (D). is
  • (E). her.

Ques:12. Which of the following is represented by the code 'sr ba de me'?

  • (A). some differences is holiday
  • (B). there creates makes perfect
  • (C). there is made differences
  • (D). creates some perfect differences
  • (E). None of these.

Ques:13. If in a certain code, 'TURN' is coded as 'OASU' and 'LINK' is coded as 'ESPQ' based on the series given above. How will 'GAME' be coded in the same code language?

  • (A). UNAR
  • (B). KNAR
  • (C). KNAP
  • (D). UNAP
  • (E). None of these.

Directions (Q. 14-15)

Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.

  • A, B, C and D are to be seated in a row facing north.
  • But C and D can't sit together.
  • Also, B can't be at the third place from either end.

Ques:14. Which of the following must be true?

  • (A). A is sitting at the first place from the left.
  • (B). A is sitting at the second place from the left
  • (C). A is sitting at the third place from the left
  • (D). A is sitting at the fourth place from the left.
  • (E). None of these.

Ques:15. If A and B interchange their positions, which of the following must be true?

  • (A). C is sitting at the first place from the left.
  • (B). C is not sitting at the first place from the left.
  • (C). D is not sitting at the first place from the left.
  • (D). A is sitting at the third place from the left
  • (E). None of these.

To Check the Answers and Get the PDF of all the Solved Sample Questions, Please Register at Eduncle!

To gain a clear understanding over the type of questions asked, analyze the Reasoning questions asked in IBPS Recruitment Exam. Check out the PDF given below!

With the help of above questions, you can get the clear picture of questions level and make yourself very well prepared to notch up the top scores in this section.


How Many Marks are Required to Score Well in IBPS Reasoning?

As per the paper pattern analysis shared above, Reasoning section asked in any of the IBPS Exams, has either 35 or 40 or 50 questions to solve. But if we go by the experts’ suggestions, candidates are advised to attempt 18-22 Reasoning questions in each paper.

This way, you’ll be able to score at least 18-22 marks in Reasoning Paper. So make it your target score and move ahead towards getting yourself prepared for the exam.

How Many Marks are Required

To get a better idea about the Reasoning Sectional Cut-Off in each exam, please follow the links -


IBPS Reasoning - How to Win This Section? [Tips, Tricks and Complete Study Plan]

 How to Win This Section

Do you truly wish to be in the list of IBPS Qualified candidates by beating up lakhs of aspirants?

I guess, yes of-course!

Then which strategy you are planning to follow, to appear in one of the toughest banking competitive exam and achieve the required cut-offs?

If you haven’t prepared any study plan yet, you need not to be worried about it anymore. Eduncle has come up with the perfect study plans for each subject of IBPS.

You can go through these strategies to score more in the Reasoning Section.

How to Prepare for IBPS Reasoning? 9 Preparation Tips to Score More in the Exam!

  • Note down the important topics of Reasoning and take those topics one by one in the decreasing order of their importance.

  • Keep your basic Reasoning Fundamentals clear before starting up the preparation.

  • Use Diagrams, Graphs and Tables to reach out at conclusion. Also have the knowledge about the Directions.

  • Use Logical Thinking to solve such tricky Reasoning Questions.

  • Practice with examples from day-to-day Reasoning problems.

  • You can allot 2 hours daily on practicing Reasoning. (Don’t forget to save 30 minutes for Revision)

  • Solve Previous Years Reasoning Papers, Mock Test Papers and take Online Test Series to practice well for Reasoning.

  • This way you can also boost up your speed and accuracy.

  • While attempting the questions during exam, make sure that you are not using long methods to solve the questions. Always use short and quick methods to form the conclusions in Reasoning.

  • If you are good at Reasoning, then you can attempt at most 25 questions but not more than 25. As negative marking is also an important factor in IBPS Exams.


To get more such preparation tips in video format, please visit Eduncle’s YouTube Channel!


Important Tip: Concentration is the vital key for Logical Reasoning Questions so stay concentrated and stay focused!


Aspirants! We hope that the above information and tips will be helpful to you in achieving good scores in Reasoning Section.

If you have any queries regarding IBPS Reasoning, then please share it with us! We are here to quench out your queries and assist you with the satisfying answers.

Please drop your message either at our Facebook Page or in the comment box below! We’ll try to respond you as soon as possible.

Thanks and Happy Preparing Candidates 😊 Stay Tuned!

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