How to Prepare for General Awareness Section for SSC Exams

How to Prepare for General Awareness

In SSC Exams General Awareness section is one of the scoring sections. It is easy to score well in this section if you are consistently learning general knowledge and banking awareness.

This is the only section where you can save your time easily. After seeing questions of this section, you know whether you know the answer or not.

SSC General Awareness section helps you to score high. If you think you have poor general awareness, then below are some useful tips to help you.

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You have to spend relatively less time for this section than Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning for SSC CHSL Exam.

SSC CGL General Awareness Section: Paper Pattern

  • No. of questions: 25

  • Total marks: 50

  • Marks per correct answer: 2

  • Negative Marking for incorrect answer: 0.5

SSC CGL General Awareness Paper Pattern

Topic No of Questions Level
History 5 Moderate - Difficult
Geography 3 Moderate - Difficult
Polity 3 Moderate - Difficult
Economics 3 Moderate - Difficult
General Science 4-5 Moderate - Difficult
Current Affairs 4-5 Moderate - Difficult
Total 25 Moderate - Difficult

  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography and Polity.

  • Knowledge about India and its neighboring countries (history, culture, geography, general science, economic and scientific research).

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General Awareness Important topics for SSC Exams 2017

General Awareness Important topics

Here are some important topics from particular sections. Learn them thoroughly and crack the exam.

Physics Chemistry Biology
Gravity Uses, Common Names and Composition of Various Chemicals Parts of Plant & their Functions
Motion Alloys Parts of Human Body & their Functions
Work Definition Based Questions (Heat, Oxidation, Reduction etc.) Basics of Animal Kingdom.
Pressure SI units Diseases, Prevention & Cure
Units of Measurement Chemical Change & Physical Change
Sound Chemistry in Everyday life

Ancient Medieval History Modern History
Indus Valley Civilization Establishment & Expansion of the Delhi Sultanate European Penetration & British Conquest of India
Buddhism & Jainism Religious Movements in the Fifteenth & Sixteenth Centuries Major Battles
Work Definition Based Questions (Heat, Oxidation, Reduction etc.) Basics of Animal Kingdom.
The Mauryans Mughal Dynasty Social & Cultural Awakening in India
Post-Mauryan Kingdoms Later Mughals The Great Revolt of 1857
The Gupta Period The Maratha State Indian National Congress
Nationalist Movement, 1905-1918: Growth of Militant Nationalism
Struggle for Swaraj – I, 1919 – 1927
Struggle for Swaraj – II, 1927-1947
Governor-Generals of India
Indian Princely States

Framing of The Constitution President Governor
Sources of Indian Constitution Vice President Vidhan Sabha
Parts of Indian Constitution Attorney General of India Vidhan Parishad
Schedules in Indian Constitution Comptroller Auditor General Panchayats
Citizenship Lok Sabha Parliamentary Funds
Article 370 Rajya Sabha Supreme Court
Emergency in India Bills High Court
Commissions Prime Minister Writs


  • Population Census

  • Important Books & Writers

  • First in Sports for India and World like First Olympics, First Asian Games etc.

  • Famous Sea Ports, Airports and their locations

  • State Animals and Symbols

  • Important Institutions of India and World & their locations (like BRICS, World Bank, IMF and RBI etc.)

  • Awards & their Significance

  • Nobel Laureates & their Fields

  • Computer & Mobile Technology

  • Development of Computers

  • Input & Output Devices

  • Memory

  • Abbreviations

Tips to crack SSC General Awareness Section

It is easy to score well in general awareness section. You only need to look upon these basic tips to score good in this section. This section helps you to make your dream of being SSC Officer true. Here are some tips to get you through this section.

  • Do not try to study everything because if you try and study everything you will end up cramming your schedule and ultimately risk yourself being under prepared.

  • Give 1 hour daily to get yourself prepared for General Awareness Section.

  • Enroll yourself for GK quizzes which includes questions with different difficulty level.

  • Practice daily mock test papers with time bound conditions.

  • Do not spend more than 12 mins while practicing mock test. Mock Tests are one of the best measures to check the quality and level of your overall preparation.

  • Tips to crack SSC General Awareness

  • Read yearly magazine for General knowledge.

  • Revision plays an important role in this section. Reading once won’t give you benefit. You have to memorize these point by revising frequently.

  • Do practice previous year papers to know the type of questions asked.

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Here are the questions asked in SSC CGL 2017 in General Awareness section

  • Kamarupa, also called Kamrup or Kamata, ancient Indian state corresponding roughly to what is now the state of - Assam

  • DPT is - Combination vaccine

  • World’s largest continental shelf extends 1,500 km (about 930 miles) from the coast of Siberia into the - Arctic Ocean.

  • Diodes are generally used in - Transistor

  • The Mansabdari system was the core foundation of administrative system of the Mughal Empire introduced by - Akbar

  • Limestone is used in - Cement Industry

  • The best indicator of Economic Development- Per Capita Income

  • Who created the slogan for Chipko Movement aka Tree Hugging Movement –Ghanshyam Raturi

  • Bill for constitutional amendment initiated in - Any house of Parliament

  • Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) Chairman – Gajendra Chauhan

  • About Misson Indradhanush

  • The hardest type of coal - Anthracite

  • Directive principles of state policy adopted from - Irish Constitution

  • Red soil is found in - Karnataka

  • Penicillin is one of the earliest discovered and widely used antibiotic agents, derived from the Penicillium mold

  • The last battle of Vijayanagar- Talikota battle

  • Which of the following can’t be created by using Integrated Circuit (IC)? - Triode

  • The first organic state of India- Sikkim

  • Which state has the largest coastline of India - Gujarat

  • Yogeshwar Dutt is related to - Wrestling

  • Lemon contains - Vitamin-C

  • Amartya Sen got Noble Prize in - Welfare Economics

  • Total number of Rajya Sabha member - 250

  • Gland of human body secretes insulin - Pancreas

  • Sextant is used to measure - Angle

  • In space gravitational force is - Zero

  • RBI HQ - Mumbai

  • Gol Gumbaz Tomb constructed by - Mohammed Adil Shah

  • “Land of the Midnight Sun” - Norway

  • The minimum age required to become a member of Rajya Sabha - 30

  • The president of Indian National Congress during independence - J.B Kriplani

  • “Lady Nightingale” title to Sarojini Naidu is given by - Mahatma Gandhi

  • The biggest gland in human body - Liver

Section Wise Overview of SSC General Awareness Section 2017

General Science: In general awareness section, around 35-40% questions asked were mainly from Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Daily Science etc. Out of these around 20-25% question were from Biology only.

Current Affairs: This section covers around 10% from areas like recent development in Sports, Awards, Politics, International happening etc. Few questions from Finance and Banking sector were also asked in previous exams.

Note: If you want to boost up your knowledge by daily dose of knowledge, get daily edition of General Knowledge and Current Affairs – GK Eduwrap.

Miscellaneous: This section has around 8-10% weight age in the exam. This section covers areas like National Schemes, Computers, Book Names and Authors, question from Logical Analysis, Important Days etc.

Static GK: Question in this section are asked from static topics like, Indian Politics, History and Culture, Economy, Geography etc. This section has around 40-45% weight age in GS section.

SCC CGL General Awareness Section: Books to be referred

SCC CGL General Awareness Books to be referred

  • General Knowledge by Dr. Binary Karn (Lucent Publications)

  • General Knowledge by Arihant Publications.

  • NCERT Textbooks for Classes IX and X (History, Geography, Polity and Economy)

  • Manorama Yearbook 2015 (English)

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