IBPS English Preparation for Bank Exams 2017 - Tips & Study Material

IBPS English Preparation for Bank Exams 2017 - Tips & Study Material

IBPS English Preparation for Bank Exams 2017 - Tips & Study Material
Hello All IBPS Aspirants! 😊

English Section is one of the most important sections in Banking exams.

It is easy to score in this subject as it only requires basic knowledge of this subject. It does not require as much time as we invest in other sections of IBPS exam. Reasoning and aptitude part needs more hard work than English IBPS section. So scoring maximum marks in English Section will help in securing good overall results.

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There are always some students who can do this section within the time limit and some who can just leave this section and move ahead. Because to complete this section you need to have basic knowledge of this subject.

IBPS English Section - Check out the format

Here are following sections which are asked in IBPS paper of English section.

  • Reading comprehensive
  • Cloze Test
  • Error Detection
  • Para Jumbles
  • Fill in The Blanks/Sentence Improvement

IBPS English Section-Check out the format

 Tips : Candidates must not spend more than 15 mins in this section. It will be better if you can finish this section in 12 mins.

Section wise tips for IBPS English

Reading Comprehension

In reading comprehension section there will be a passage and question based on the passage. As the paper is online so candidates before reading the passage should once go through the questions. Once you read questions then you will get some idea about the answers.

 Tips : Do regular practice with time. Since Passages are long so you need to improve your speed. First you should attempt questions which can be solved directly and after that attempt questions related to the grammar part.

Cloze Test:

Cloze test is a type of comprehension exercise in which the reader is required to add words that have been omitted from the passage. This has to be done by:

filling in the blanks in passages and comprehensions, and

Choosing words in a running passage to maintain the sequence of various sentences in the paragraphs.

For every blank you will be given 5 choices and you have to select the closest one.

 Tips :

  • Read the passage thoroughly.
  • Link the previous and next sentences.
  • Be carefully with noun, pronoun, verb, preposition, conjunction, article, and tenses.
  • Eliminate options accordingly.

Section wise tips for IBPS English

Sentence Correction

Sentence correction questions are based upon the fundamentals or basics of English language.

 Tips :

  •  Example: One of the most significant phenomenons of our time has been the development of cinema.
  • A. phenomenon
  • B. phenomena
  • C. phenomenonna
  • D. phenomenonns
  • E. No correction required
  • Answer: A

Error Detection

This English section contains error detection topics. Question in which you have to find out the errors related to grammar or spelling.

 Tips : Candidates while solving questions from this section should be careful with grammar and should have a good understanding of sentence formation.
Enhance your reading skills so that you can understand the sentence formations rules and also improve with your sentence formation.

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Error Detection

Para Jumbles are the important questions asked in IBPS PO English exam. In these questions you have to rearrange the parts of sentences to form a meaningful sentence.

 Tips : Try to find out clue from pronouns, like he, she, it, this, that, these, those; adverbs like formally, really; article a, an and the; definers like actually, finally, another; connectors like but, yet, both, also and neither nor, or, however, nevertheless.

You should first arrange phrases and then add those phrases in a meaningful manner.

Knowledge of sentence formation rules is a must.

Some important topics from IBPS English

Some important topics from IBPS English


An adverb is a part of speech used to describe a verb, adjective, clause, or another adverb. It simply tells the readers how, where, when, or the degree at which something was done.

 Example :
Tears began to fall as he saw the completely lifeless body of his wife.
She walks gracefully.


The words used to join two or more independent sentences, their proper usage and placing of the words at right place matters in solving English paper of CWE.

 Example :
Since they had misbehaved, the boys were given one-week suspension from school.


Words that used to describe or identify any place, person, thing, action or idea are called nouns. In IBPS Clerk exam there are questions related to various types of nouns and their correct usage.

There are 2 types of nouns

  • Common Noun
  • Proper Noun
  • Proper nouns refer to the individual name of a person, place or thing.

 Example : David, Pepsi, Mumbai

Common nouns can be divided into: abstract, collective, compound, concrete - countable, concrete - uncountable and verbal.
 Example : Man, Drink, City


Preposition is a word which is used to denote location or to indicate relationship between noun and pronoun. Use of prepositions at right places can be asked in the English language paper.

The sun is above the clouds.
They are walking along the street.
Here are some examples of prepositions which are used incorrectly generally.
Incorrect: What is the time in your watch?
Correct: What is the time by your watch?
Incorrect: We travelled in train.
Correct: We travelled by train.
Incorrect: He was trembling in rage.
Correct: He was trembling with rage.
Incorrect: There was an interesting show in TV.
Correct: There was an interesting show on TV.


Words that are used in lieu of nouns and refers to either participants of the conversation or anyone taking part in the conversation are termed as pronouns. In IBPS English paper candidates are questioned about the correct pronoun used in place of noun.

Nomination Objective Possessive
I, We Me, Us My, Mine
You You Your, Yours
He, She, It, They Him, Her, It, Them His, her, hers, Its, Their, Theirs


Questions regarding the right use of tense are asked in IBPS SO English from this topic.

Past tense :

Simple Past :

This tense can be used to denote a single act in the past or a habitual action in the past.
He killed a snake.

Past perfect :

This tense describes an action which has definitely ended in the past.
The rain had stopped when we came out.

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Past Perfect continuous :

This tense is indicative of actions that began at a particular point of time in the past and continued for a specific length of time up to another moment in the past.
I had been practicing swimming for 8 years.

Past Continuous :

This tense is used to describe an action that went on for some time in the past.
He was playing in the garden which is in front of the house.

Present Tense :

Simple Present :

This tense describes universal truths, regular actions and habits which occur daily or at particular intervals of times.
The sun rises in the east.

Present Continuous :

This tense is used to describe actions that are currently happening at the time of speaking or may be in continuation or progress for a long period of time but not necessary in action at the time of speaking. It can be short or long term activity.
The sun rises in the east.
They are getting ready for the function.
He is pursuing his Bachelor's degree in management from St. Xavier's College, Pune.

Present Perfect :

This tense is used to depict the action that has just been completed.
He has prepared food for the evening party

Present Perfect Continuous :

This tense is used to depict the action that has begun at a particular point of time in the past and has continued till now.
They have been playing since morning.

Future Tense :

Simple Future

This tense is used to depict the action which is going to happen in future.
He will go to Mumbai. (He will go to Mumbai next week).

Future perfect

This tense compares two actions and describes an action that will take place before something else in the future.
By tomorrow night I will have reached Jaipur.

Future Continuous

This is used to describe the continuous action in the future.
I will be going to take rest in those long vacations.


Words that are used to describe an event, action or state and parts of predicate are known as verbs. Simple questions regarding the use of verbs at a particular place are asked in IBPS CWE.

Dance, Sleep, Eat, Study


In this topic, a statement or a sentence is jumbled up and candidates are required to arrange them in the proper order. The jumbled words often confuse candidates but regular reading pays off in such types of questions where one knows how to form a proper sentence.

 Example: Every Country/ they are found/ except Antarctica/ every continent/ in / and inhabit

They are found in every country and inhabit every continent except Antarctica.

Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms are those words which have similar meaning and antonyms are those words which have opposite meaning to a word.

 Example :
(Synonyms) Gigantic: huge, wide, broad
(Antonyms) Gigantic: Tiny, minute, small

Antonyms and Synonyms are usually asked in IBPS RRB exams in English section in any form. It can also be asked in reading comprehension section or separately too.

How to improve English for IBPS?

Improvement in every task can be done with practice. You will face many challenges while preparing for the IBPS exam, but the fear of getting failure can only be overcome by practice and more practice.

My dear friends, there is no shortcut to SUCCESS. It can only be achieved with through knowledge, practice and smart work.

Here are some basic tips which will help you to improve your English for IBPS exam.

How to improve English for IBPS

Reading Newspaper: Reading English newspaper will help you to understand the language better. You can pick one paragraph and re-write it. This will help you to improve your knowledge in case of tenses.

Watch English channels or movies with sub titles: While you watch English channels it will let you understand the accent. Watching English movies improve listening, speaking and understanding skills.

Solve English Test Series: Since one of the biggest challenge in IBPS is managing time so to compete with a better score, candidates should solve English mock test papers in certain time limits.

Learn the English Grammar rules through Eduncle's Study Material and test your quotient level with the Mock Test Papers for IBPS English section. MTPs designed following the previous year questions. Go ahead!  

Read long passages and try to do them in time bound conditions.

If you are keenly interested in doing IBPS and you think your English is weak then you should daily practice it for one hour. Learn 5-8 new words daily. It will improve your vocabulary.

Reference Books for IBPS English

  • Objective General English by RS Aggarwal

  • Objective English for Competitive Examinations (English) 5th Edition

  • English Improvement Course (With 4 Free Books) (English) 12th Edition

  • English Grammar by Murphy by Cambridge University Press

NOTE: If you attempt minimum 18 questions correctly then you will easily clear the cut off marks for this section.

Get more knowledge about various topics which are asked in IBPS exam at Eduncle.

Comment below your queries related to IBPS exam, we will try to solve them as soon as possible.

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