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Course Structure

The Curriculum Section of this Course covers the following Content :

6 Theory Books with Online learning access:
  • 5 Theory Books for Mathematical Sciences consisting of 15 units
  • 1 Theory Book for Part-A consisting of 10 units respectively

Module: CSIR NET MA UNIT 1-15 (Part A, B and C) Revised (2019-20)

  • Subject: General Aptitude
  • Subject: Mathematical Sciences
    • Section 1: Unit - 1

        Attachments 1: Set Theory

        Attachments 2: Finite and Infinite Set

        Attachments 3: Countable and Uncountable Sets

        Attachments 4: Cantors Theorem

        Attachments 5: Point Set Topology

        Attachments 6: Heine-Borel Theorem

        Attachments 7: Sequence of Real Numbers

        Attachments 8: Series of Real Numbers

        Attachments 9: Limit

        Attachments 10: Continuity

        Attachments 11: Uniform Contiunity

        Attachments 12: Differentiability

        Attachments 13: Rolles Theorem

        Attachments 14: Lagranges Mean Value Theorem

        Attachments 15: Taylors Theorem

        Attachments 16: Indeterminate Form

        Attachments 17: Function of Several Variables

        Attachments 18: Partial Derivative

        Attachments 19: Directional Derivatives

        Attachments 20: Derivative as linear Transformation

        Attachments 21: Riemann Integral and Improper Integral

        Attachments 22: Uniform Convergence of Sequence and Series of Functions

        Attachments 23: Function of Bounded Variation

        Attachments 24: Lebesgue Measure

        Attachments 25: Metric Space

        Attachments 26: Normed Linear Space

    • Section 2: Unit - 2

        Attachments 1: Vector Space and Its Properties

        Attachments 2: Matrix and its properties

        Attachments 3: Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors

        Attachments 4: Linear Transformation

        Attachments 5: Quadratic Forms

        Attachments 6: Inner Product Space and Orthonormal Basis

    • Section 3: Unit - 3

        Attachments 1: Introduction

        Attachments 2: Stereographic Projection

        Attachments 3: Multivalued Function

        Attachments 4: Monovalent Function

        Attachments 5: Polynomials

        Attachments 6: Power Series

        Attachments 7: Complex Function

        Attachments 8: Limit, Continuity and Differentiability of Complex Number

        Attachments 9: Analytic Functions

        Attachments 10: Complex Integration

        Attachments 11: Expansion of Analytic Functions as Power Series

        Attachments 12: The Zeros of an Analytic Function

        Attachments 13: Residue at a Pole

        Attachments 14: Cauchys Residue Theorem

        Attachments 15: Mappings

    • Section 4: Unit - 4

        Attachments 1: Combinatorics

        Attachments 2: Number theory

        Attachments 3: Group and Its Properties

        Attachments 4: Cyclic Group

        Attachments 5: Subgroup

        Attachments 6: Cosets

        Attachments 7: Symmetric Group

        Attachments 8: External Direct Product

        Attachments 9: Normal Subgroup

        Attachments 10: Quotient Group

        Attachments 11: Homomorphism and Isomorphism

        Attachments 12: Conjugate Elements

        Attachments 13: Class Equation

        Attachments 14: Automorphism and Inner Automorphism

        Attachments 15: Internal Direct Product

        Attachments 16: Sylow Theorems

        Attachments 17: Some Important Groups

    • Section 5: Unit - 5

        Attachments 1: Ring Theory

        Attachments 2: Topology

    • Section 6: Unit - 6

        Attachments 1: Differential Equation

        Attachments 2: Differential Equations of The First Order and First Degree

        Attachments 3: Existence and Uniqueness Theorem

        Attachments 4: Homogeneous and Non-Homogeneous Linear Differential Equations

        Attachments 5: Greens Function

        Attachments 6: System of Differential Equations

        Attachments 7: Boundary Value Problems

    • Section 7: Unit - 7

        Attachments 1: Classification and Formation of PDE

        Attachments 2: Linear order PDE of order one

        Attachments 3: Non-Linear PDE

        Attachments 4: Linear PDE with Constant Co-Efficients

        Attachments 5: Classification of Second Order PDE

        Attachments 6: Method of Separation of Variables

    • Section 8: Unit - 8

        Attachments 1: Introduction

        Attachments 2: Numerical Solution of Algebraic and Transcendental Equation

        Attachments 3: System of Linear Equations

        Attachments 4: Finite Difference Operators

        Attachments 5: Interpolation

        Attachments 6: Numerical Differentiation and Integration

        Attachments 7: Numerical Solution of ODE

    • Section 9: Unit - 9

        Attachments 1: Calculus of Variations

        Attachments 2: Integral Equation

    • Section 10: Unit - 10

        Attachments 1: Classical Mechanics

    • Section 11: Unit - 11

        Attachments 1: Cumulative Frequency Distribution

        Attachments 2: Measure of Dispersion

        Attachments 3: Theory of Probability

        Attachments 4: Markov Chain

        Attachments 5: Standard Discrete Distributions

        Attachments 6: Theoretical Continuous Distribution

        Attachments 7: Order Statistics

        Attachments 8: Sampling Distribution

    • Section 12: Unit - 12

        Attachments 1: Statistical Inferences

        Attachments 2: Estimation

        Attachments 3: Methods of Estimation

        Attachments 4: Interval Estimation

        Attachments 5: Hypothesis Testing

        Attachments 6: Analysis of Discrete Data and Chi-Square Test of Goodness of Fit

        Attachments 7: Large Sample Tests

        Attachments 8: Rank Correlation and Test for Independence

        Attachments 9: Elementary Bayesian Inference

        Attachments 10: Non-Parametric Tests

    • Section 13: Unit - 13

        Attachments 1: Gauss - Markov Model

        Attachments 2: Confidence Intervals

        Attachments 3: Testing of Hypothesis

        Attachments 4: Analysis of Variance

        Attachments 5: Fixed and Random Effects Models

        Attachments 6: Analysis of Covariance (ANOCOVA)

        Attachments 7: Mixed Effect Model

        Attachments 8: Regression Analysis

        Attachments 9: Logistic Regression

        Attachments 10: Multivariate Normal Distribution

        Attachments 11: The Wishart Distribution

        Attachments 12: Partial Correlation and Partial Regression

        Attachments 13: Data Reduction Techniques

    • Section 14: Unit - 14

        Attachments 1: Theory of Sampling

        Attachments 2: Ratio and Regression Methods

        Attachments 3: Experimental Design

        Attachments 4: Hazard Function

        Attachments 5: Censoring

    • Section 15: Unit - 15

        Attachments 1: Linear Programming Problem

        Attachments 2: Simplex Method to Solve LPP

        Attachments 3: Primal Dual Problem

        Attachments 4: Queuing Theory

        Attachments 5: Inventory Problems

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