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Course Structure

The Curriculum Section of  this Course covers the following Content :

  • 20 Units of Theory [PAPER I, II (10+10 respectively)]
  • 20 Unit wise Practice Question Papers (USPs) [PAPER I, II (10+10 respectively)]
  • 10 Volume wise Practice Question Papers (VSPs) [PAPER I, II (5+5 respectively)]
  • 7 Model Solved Papers (MSPs) [PAPER I, II]
  • 5 Previous Year Solved Papers [PSPs]- In Online Mode Only

Module: NET - THEORETICAL COURSE - Economics (Paper I & II)

  • Subject: General Paper I
  • Subject: Economics
    • Section 1: Unit - 8 GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: Economic Growth and Economic Development

        Attachments 2: Theories of Economic Development

        Attachments 3: Models of Economic Growth

        Attachments 4: Technical Progress

        Attachments 5: Indicators of Economic Development

        Attachments 6: Poverty and Inequalities

        Attachments 7: Poverty and Inequalities

        Attachments 8: Social Sector Development

    • Section 2: Unit - 5 INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: International Trade (Basic Concepts and Analytical Tools)

        Attachments 2: Theories of International Trade

        Attachments 3: Terms of Trade (TOT)

        Attachments 4: Foreign Trade Multiplier

        Attachments 5: Balance of Payments (BoP)

        Attachments 6: Exchange Rate

        Attachments 7: Foreign Exchange Market

        Attachments 8: Tariff and Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade

        Attachments 9: International Monetary System (IMF) and World Bank

        Attachments 10: GATT, WTO and Regional Trade Blocks

    • Section 3: Unit - 7 MONEY AND BANKING (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: Components of Money Supply

        Attachments 2: Banks and Commercial Banking

        Attachments 3: Non-Banking Financial Institutions

        Attachments 4: Central Bank

        Attachments 5: Instruments and Working of Monetary Policy

        Attachments 6: Capital Market and Its Regulation

    • Section 4: Unit - 10 INDIAN ECONOMY (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: Economic Growth in India

        Attachments 2: Agriculture

        Attachments 3: Industry

        Attachments 4: Service Sector

        Attachments 5: Rural Development

        Attachments 6: Urban Development

        Attachments 7: Foreign Trade

        Attachments 8: Infrastructure Development

        Attachments 9: Reforms in Land, Labour and Capital Markets

        Attachments 10: Poverty, Inequalities and Unemployment

    • Section 5: Unit - 2 MACRO ECONOMICS (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: National Income

        Attachments 2: Determination of Employment

        Attachments 3: Consumption Function

        Attachments 4: Concept of Multiplier and Investment Function

        Attachments 5: Accelerator Theory

        Attachments 6: Determination of Output

        Attachments 7: Inflation and Unemployment - Phillips Curve

        Attachments 8: Rational Expectation Hypothesis and Its Critique

        Attachments 9: Demand for Money (Monetary Economics)

        Attachments 10: Supply of Money

        Attachments 11: IS-LM Model Approach

        Attachments 12: Business Cycle

        Attachments 13: Monetary Policy

        Attachments 14: Fiscal Policy

    • Section 6: Unit - 9 ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS AND DEMOGRAPHY (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: Environment as a Public Good

        Attachments 2: Market Failure

        Attachments 3: Coase Theorem

        Attachments 4: Coase Theorem

        Attachments 5: Coase Theorem

        Attachments 6: Compensation Criteria

        Attachments 7: Valuation of Environmental Goods

        Attachments 8: Theories of Population

        Attachments 9: Concepts and Measures

        Attachments 10: Age Structure

        Attachments 11: Demographic Dividend

        Attachments 12: Life Table

        Attachments 13: Migration

    • Section 7: Unit - 1 Micro Economics (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: Introduction of Economics

        Attachments 2: The Theory of Consumer Behaviour

        Attachments 3: Theory of Production

        Attachments 4: Theory of Cost

        Attachments 5: Decision making Under Uncertainity

        Attachments 6: Game Theory

        Attachments 7: Market Structure

        Attachments 8: Factor Pricing Analysis

        Attachments 9: General Eqilibrium Analysis

        Attachments 10: New Welfare Economics

        Attachments 11: Neo-Classical Welface Economics

        Attachments 12: Asymmetric Information

    • Section 8: Unit - 3 Statistics and Econometrics (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: Probability Theory

        Attachments 2: Descriptive Statistics

        Attachments 3: Regression

        Attachments 4: Sampling Methods and Sampling Distribution

        Attachments 5: Statistical Inferences and Hypothesis Testing

        Attachments 6: Econometrics

    • Section 9: Unit - 6 Public Economics (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: Market Failure and Remedial Measures

        Attachments 2: Regulation of Market

        Attachments 3: Public Revenue

        Attachments 4: Public Expenditure

        Attachments 5: Public Debt and Its Manegement

        Attachments 6: Public Budget and Budget Multiplier

        Attachments 7: Fiscal Policy and Its Implications

    • Section 10: Unit - 4 (Mathematical Economics)

        Attachments 1: Sets

        Attachments 2: Functions

        Attachments 3: Sequence and Series

        Attachments 4: Linear Algebra

        Attachments 5: Mathematical Economics

        Attachments 6: Differential Calculus

        Attachments 7: Integration

        Attachments 8: Input-Output Analysis

        Attachments 9: Linear Programming

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