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Course Structure

          The Curriculum Section of this Course covers the following Content :

  • 20 Units of Theory [PAPER I, II (10+10 respectively)]
  • 20 Topic wise Unit Solved Papers (USPs) [PAPER I, II (10+10 respectively)]
  • 10 Volume Solved Papers (VSPs) [PAPER I, II (5+5 respectively)]
  • 7 Model Solved Papers (MSPs) [PAPER I, II]
  • 5 Previous Year Solved Papers (JULY 2016, JAN 2017, NOV 2017, JULY 2018 & DEC 2018) [PSPs]

Module: NET - THEORETICAL COURSE - Political Science (Paper I & II)

  • Subject: General Paper I
  • Subject: Political Science
    • Section 1: Unit - 3 INDIAN POLITICAL THOUGHTS (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: MAHATMA GANDHI

        Attachments 2: M.N. ROY

        Attachments 3: AUROBINDO GHOSE

        Attachments 4: JAYAPRAKASH NARAYAN

        Attachments 5: B.R. AMBEDKAR

        Attachments 6: V.D. SAVARKAR

        Attachments 7: KAUTILYA

        Attachments 8: DHARMASHASTRA

        Attachments 9: AGGANNA SUTTA

        Attachments 10: ZIA-UD-DIN BARANI

        Attachments 11: KABIR

        Attachments 12: PANDITA RAMABAI

        Attachments 13: BAL GANGADHAR TILAK

        Attachments 14: SWAMI VIVEKANANDA

        Attachments 15: RABINDRANATH TAGORE

        Attachments 16: PERIYAR E. V. RAMASAMY

        Attachments 17: MUHAMMAD IQBAL

        Attachments 18: J.L. NEHRU

        Attachments 19: RAM MANOHAR LOHIA

        Attachments 20: DEENDAYAL UPADHYAYA

    • Section 2: Unit - 5 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: Approaches to The Study of IR

        Attachments 2: State, State-System and Non State Actors.

        Attachments 3: Conflict and Peace

        Attachments 4: United Nations.

        Attachments 5: Political Economy of IR.

        Attachments 6: Regional Organisations

        Attachments 7: Contemporary Challenges

    • Section 3: Unit - 10 GOVERNANCE AND PUBLIC POLICY IN INDIA (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: Governance

        Attachments 2: Accountability and Control

        Attachments 3: Institutional Mechanisms for Good Governance

        Attachments 4: Grassroots Governance

        Attachments 5: Public Policy

        Attachments 6: Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Policy

    • Section 4: Unit - 4 COMPARATIVE POLITICAL ANALYSIS (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: Approaches

        Attachments 2: Colonialism and Decolonization

        Attachments 3: Nationalism

        Attachments 4: State Theory

        Attachments 5: Welfare and Post - Colonial State

        Attachments 6: Globalization and Nation State

        Attachments 7: Political Regimes

        Attachments 8: Constitutions and Constitutionalism

        Attachments 9: Democratization

        Attachments 10: Development

        Attachments 11: Structure of Power

        Attachments 12: Actor and Processes

    • Section 5: Unit - 9 PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: Public Administration

        Attachments 2: Public and private administration Approaches

        Attachments 3: Public administration theories and concepts

        Attachments 4: Theories and Principles of Organization

        Attachments 5: Managing the organization

        Attachments 6: Organisational Communication

        Attachments 7: Managing Conflict in the Organization

        Attachments 8: Management By Objectives (MBO)

    • Section 6: Unit - 6 INDIAS FOREIGN POLICY (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: Perspectives on India’s Foreign Policy

        Attachments 2: Non-Alignment Movement

        Attachments 3: India’s Relations with Major Powers

        Attachments 4: India’s Engagement with Multipolar World

        Attachments 5: India’s Relations with Neighbourhood

        Attachments 6: Contemporary Challenges

        Attachments 7: Continuity and Change in Indias Foreign Policy

        Attachments 8: Indias Negotiation Strategies in International Regimes

    • Section 7: Unit - 7 POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS IN INDIA (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: Making of the Indian Constitution

        Attachments 2: Philosophy of the Constitution

        Attachments 3: Constitutionalism in India

        Attachments 4: Union Executive

        Attachments 5: Union Parliament

        Attachments 6: Executive and Legislature in The States

        Attachments 7: Local Government Institutions

        Attachments 8: Federalism in India

        Attachments 9: JUDICIARY

        Attachments 10: Electoral Process and Election Commission of India

        Attachments 11: Constitutional and Statutory Bodies

    • Section 8: Unit - 8 POLITICAL PRECESSES IN INDIA (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: State, Economy and Development

        Attachments 2: Globalisation and The Indian Economy

        Attachments 3: Identity Politics

        Attachments 4: Social Movements in India

        Attachments 5: Civil Society Organizations

        Attachments 6: Regionalisation of Indian Politics

        Attachments 7: Gender and Politics in India

        Attachments 8: Ideology basis of Political Parties

        Attachments 9: India’s Electoral Orders

    • Section 9: Unit - 2 Political Thought

        Attachments 1: Political Thought

        Attachments 2: Confucius

        Attachments 3: Plato

        Attachments 4: Aristotle (384-322 BC)

        Attachments 5: Machiavelli

        Attachments 6: Thomas Hobbes

        Attachments 7: John Locke

        Attachments 8: Jean-Jacques Rousseau

        Attachments 9: John Stuart Mill

        Attachments 10: George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

        Attachments 11: Karl Heinrich Marx

        Attachments 12: Thomas Hill Green

        Attachments 13: Mao-Tse-Tung

        Attachments 14: John Rawls

        Attachments 15: Mary Wollstonecraft

        Attachments 16: Hanna Arendt

        Attachments 17: Frantz Fanon

    • Section 10: Unit - 1 Political Theory

        Attachments 1: Concepts

        Attachments 2: Political Traditions

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