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Course Structure

The Curriculum Section of this Course covers the following Content :

4 Theory Books with Online learning access:
  • 2 Theory Books for Education consisting of 10 units
  • 2 Theory Books for Paper-1 consisting of 10 units respectively

Module: NET - THEORETICAL COURSE - Education (Paper I & II)

  • Subject: General Paper 1
    • Section 1: Unit - 9 (People, Development and Environment)

        Attachments 1: 1. Definition And Element

        Attachments 2: 2. Millennium Development

        Attachments 3: 3. Sustainable Development Goals

        Attachments 4: 4. Human and Environment Interaction

        Attachments 5: 5. Impacts on the Environment

        Attachments 6: 6. Environmental Issues

        Attachments 7: 7. Pollution and Impact of Human Health

        Attachments 8: 8. Climate Change and its Socio-Economic and Political Dimensions

        Attachments 9: 9. Natural Resources

        Attachments 10: 10. Natural Hazards and Disasters

        Attachments 11: 11. Mitigation

        Attachments 12: 12. The Environmental Act, 1986

        Attachments 13: 13. International Agreements Efforts 

        Attachments 14: 14. Appellate Tribunal, Environmental Treaty, and Protocol 

        Attachments 15: 15. Strategic Action Plan for Disaster Risk Reduction

        Attachments 16: 16. Schemes for Environment Protection in India 

    • Section 2: Unit - 1 (Teaching Aptitude)

        Attachments 1: Teaching

        Attachments 2: Adolescence Learners

        Attachments 3: Learners Characteristics

        Attachments 4: Factors Affecting of Teaching Related

        Attachments 5: Methods of Teaching in Institutions of Higher Learning

        Attachments 6: Teaching Support System

        Attachments 7: Evolution System

    • Section 3: Unit - 2 (Research Aptitude)

        Attachments 1: Meaning of Research

        Attachments 2: Objectives of Research

        Attachments 3: Characteristics of Research

        Attachments 4: Research Strategy

        Attachments 5: Types of Research

        Attachments 6: Sampling

        Attachments 7: Hypothesis

        Attachments 8: Research Design

        Attachments 9: Research Variable

        Attachments 10: Questionnaires, Schedule and Artifacts

        Attachments 11: Methods of Research

        Attachments 12: Reliability and Validity

        Attachments 13: Positivism and Post- Positivistic Approach to Research

        Attachments 14: Thesis Writing

        Attachments 15: Plagiarism

        Attachments 16: Research Grouping

        Attachments 17: Application of ICT in Research

        Attachments 18: Online Learning

        Attachments 19: Research Ethics

    • Section 4: Unit - 3 (Reading Comprehension)

        Attachments 1: Reading Comprehension

    • Section 5: Unit - 5 (Mathematical Reasoning and Aptitude)

        Attachments 1: Reasoning

        Attachments 2: Mathematical Aptitude

    • Section 6: Unit - 7 (Data Interpretation)

        Attachments 1: Introduction

        Attachments 2: Sources of Data

        Attachments 3: Data and Governance

        Attachments 4: Representation of Data

    • Section 7: Unit - 8 (Information and Communication Technology)

        Attachments 1: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) compressed

        Attachments 2: Digital Initiatives in Higher Education

        Attachments 3: ICT and Governance

    • Section 8: Unit - 10 (Higher Education System)

        Attachments 1: Institution of Higher Learning and Education in Ancient India

        Attachments 2: Oriental, Conventional and Non-Conventional Learning Programme in India

        Attachments 3: Development of Education (Pre-Independence India)

        Attachments 4: Evolution of Higher Learning and Research in Post-Independence India

        Attachments 5: UGC (University Grant Commission)

        Attachments 6: Universities

        Attachments 7: Autonomous University and Institutes

        Attachments 8: Council of India in Higher Education

        Attachments 9: Schemes by Government in Higher Education

        Attachments 10: Other Developments in Higher Education

        Attachments 11: Professional Technical and Skill Based Education

        Attachments 12: Skill Based Education

        Attachments 13: Value Education

        Attachments 14: Environmental Education

        Attachments 15: Indian Constitute (Policies, Governance and Administration)

    • Section 9: Unit - 6 (Logical Reasoning)

        Attachments 1: Understanding The Structure of Arguments

        Attachments 2: The Structure of Categorical Propositions

        Attachments 3: Mood and Figure

        Attachments 4: Fallacies

        Attachments 5: Use of Language

        Attachments 6: Definitions - Connotations, and Denotations

        Attachments 7: Square of Opposition

        Attachments 8: Syllogism

        Attachments 9: Analogy

        Attachments 10: Venn Diagrams

        Attachments 11: Indian Logic

    • Section 10: Unit - 4 (Communication)

        Attachments 1: Meaning, Characteristics, Process and Types of Communication

        Attachments 2: Intercultural Communication

        Attachments 3: Group Communication

        Attachments 4: Barriers to Intercultural Communication

        Attachments 5: Classroom Communication

        Attachments 6: Barrier of Effective Communication

        Attachments 7: Models of Communication

        Attachments 8: Mass Media and Society

  • Subject: Education
    • Section 1: Unit - 1 Educational Studies (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: Contribution of Indian Schools of Philosophy

        Attachments 2: Contribution of Western Schools of Thoughts

        Attachments 3: Sociology of Education.

        Attachments 4: Socialization and Education and Contribution of Thinkers

    • Section 2: Unit - 8 Technology in-for Education (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: Concept of Educational Technology (ET) as a Discipline

        Attachments 2: Systems Approach to Instructional Design

        Attachments 3: Emerging Trends in E-Learning

        Attachments 4: Use of ICT in Evaluation, Administration and Research

    • Section 3: Unit - 6 Research in Education (New Syllabus)

        Attachments 1: Educational Research

        Attachments 2: Variables

        Attachments 3: Types of Measurement Scale

        Attachments 4: Quantitative Data Analysis

        Attachments 5: Testing of Hypothesis

        Attachments 6: Levels of Significance

        Attachments 7: Power of a Statistical Test and Effect Size

        Attachments 8: Parametric and Non-Parametric Techniques

        Attachments 9: Use and Interpretation of Statistical Techniques

        Attachments 10: Qualitative Data Analysis

        Attachments 11: Qualitative Research Designs

        Attachments 12: Narrative Research Designs

        Attachments 13: Case Study

        Attachments 14: Ethnography

        Attachments 15: Mixed Method Designs

    • Section 4: Unit - 7 Pedagogy, Andragogy and Assessment

        Attachments 1: Pedagogy, Pedagogical Analysis

        Attachments 2: Assessment.

        Attachments 3: Assessment in Pedagogy of Education

        Attachments 4: Assessment in Andragogy of Education

    • Section 5: Unit - 10 Inclusive Education

        Attachments 1: Inclusive Education.

        Attachments 2: Concept of Impairment, Disability and Handicap

        Attachments 3: Planning and Management of Inclusive Classrooms

        Attachments 4: Barriers and Facilitators in Inclusive Education

    • Section 6: Unit-2 History, Politics and Economics of Education

        Attachments 1: Contribution of Committees and Commissions in Teacher Education

        Attachments 2: Relationship between Policies and Education

        Attachments 3: Concept of Economics of Education.

        Attachments 4: Relationship Between Politics and Education

    • Section 7: Unit - 3 Learner and Learning Process

        Attachments 1: Growth and Development

        Attachments 2: Approaches to Intelligence from Unitary to Multiple

        Attachments 3: Principles and Theories of Learning

        Attachments 4: Guidance And Counselling

    • Section 8: Unit - 4 Teacher Education

        Attachments 1: Meaning, Nature and Scope of Teacher Education

        Attachments 2: Knowledge base of Teacher Education from Different Point of View

        Attachments 3: In-service Teacher Education

        Attachments 4: Concept of Profession and Professionalism

    • Section 9: Unit - 5 Curriculum Studies

        Attachments 1: Curriculum

        Attachments 2: Models of Curriculum Design

        Attachments 3: Curriculum Transaction

        Attachments 4: Meaning and Types of Curriculum Change

    • Section 10: Unit - 9 Educational Management, Administration and Leadership

        Attachments 1: Educational Management and Administration

        Attachments 2: Leadership in Educational Administration

        Attachments 3: Concept of Quality and Quality in Education

        Attachments 4: Change Management

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