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Course Structure

The Curriculum Section of this Course covers the following Content :

3 Theory Books with Online learning access:
  • 3 Theory Books for Law consisting of 10 units

Module: Theoretical Course - UGC NET Law (Paper-2)

  • Subject: Law
    • Section 1: Unit-5 (Law of Torts and Consumer Protection)

        Attachments 1: Law of Torts

        Attachments 2: Consumer Protection Act, 2019

        Attachments 3: Motor Vehicles Act

        Attachments 4: Competition Act, 2002

    • Section 2: Unit-7 (Family Law)

        Attachments 1: 1 Hindu Law

        Attachments 2: Muslim Law.

        Attachments 3: Succesion and Inheritance

        Attachments 4: Will, Gift and Wakf.

        Attachments 5: Uniform Civil Code.

    • Section 3: Unit-8 (Environment and Human Rights Law)

        Attachments 1: Environmental Law

        Attachments 2: Human Rights Law.

    • Section 4: Unit-9 (Intellectual Property Rights and Information Technology Law

        Attachments 1: Concept and Meaning of Intellectual Property

        Attachments 2: Theories of Intellectual Property

        Attachments 3: Bio-Diversity and Traditional Knowledge

        Attachments 4: International Conventions Pertaining to Intellectual Properties

        Attachments 5: Law of Patent.

        Attachments 6: Law of Trademark

        Attachments 7: Copyright and Neighboring Rights.

        Attachments 8: Protection of Geographical Indications

        Attachments 9: Information Technology Law.

        Attachments 10: Cyber Crimes, Penalties and Adjudication

    • Section 5: Unit - 10 (Comparative Public Law and Systems of Governance)

        Attachments 1: Comparative Law

        Attachments 2: Forms of Governments

        Attachments 3: Models of Federalism

        Attachments 4: Rule of Law – Formal and Substantive Versions

        Attachments 5: Separation of Powers

        Attachments 6: Independence of Judiciary, Judicial Activism and Accountability

        Attachments 7: Systems of Constitutional Review

        Attachments 8: Amendment of The Constitution

        Attachments 9: Ombudsman – Sweden, UK and India

        Attachments 10: Open Government and Right to Information – USA, UK and India

    • Section 6: Unit-1 Introduction of Jurisprudence

        Attachments 1: Introduction of Jurisprudence

        Attachments 2: Schools of Jurisprudence

        Attachments 3: Nature of Law

        Attachments 4: Purpose and Function of Law

        Attachments 5: Sources of Law

        Attachments 6: Law and Morality

        Attachments 7: Concept of Rights and Duties_compressed

        Attachments 8: Legal Personality

        Attachments 9: Concept of Property

        Attachments 10: Concept of Ownership

        Attachments 11: Concept of Possession

        Attachments 12: Concept of Liability

        Attachments 13: Modernism and Post-Modernism

        Attachments 14: Doctrine of Precedent in India

        Attachments 15: Judicial Contribution in Bringing Social Changes

        Attachments 16: Law, Poverty and Development

        Attachments 17: Global Justice

    • Section 7: Unit-2 (Constitutions And Administrative Law)

        Attachments 1: Constitutional Law of India

        Attachments 2: Administrative Law

    • Section 8: Unit-6 (Commercial Law)

        Attachments 1: The Indian Contract Act, 1972 Contract-I

        Attachments 2: The Indian Contract Act, 1972 Contract-II

        Attachments 3: Sales of Goods Act, 1930

        Attachments 4: Partnership

        Attachments 5: The LLP Act, 2008

        Attachments 6: Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881

        Attachments 7: Company Law

    • Section 9: Unit-3 (Meaning and Concept of International Law)

        Attachments 1: Meaning and Concept of International Law

        Attachments 2: Definition

        Attachments 3: Branches of International Law

        Attachments 4: Nature and Basis of International Law

        Attachments 5: Major Kinds of International Law

        Attachments 6: Sources of International Law

        Attachments 7: Nationality, Immigrants, Refugees, and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPS).

        Attachments 8: Settlement of International Dispute

        Attachments 9: International Humanitarian Law (IHL)

        Attachments 10: Implementation of IHL Challenge

        Attachments 11: Recognition of States and Governments

        Attachments 12: Extradition and Asylum.

        Attachments 13: United Nations and Its Organs

        Attachments 14: World Trade Organisation (WTO)

    • Section 10: Unit-4 (Law of Crimes)

        Attachments 1: Introduction to Crimes and Criminology

        Attachments 2: Offences Against State

        Attachments 3: Offences Against Terrorism

        Attachments 4: Offenses Against Children

        Attachments 5: Drug Trafficking And Counterfeiting

        Attachments 6: Theories of Punishment

        Attachments 7: Stages of Crime and Inchoate Crimes

        Attachments 8: General Principles of Criminal Law

        Attachments 9: Offences Against Property.

        Attachments 10: Offences Against Women

        Attachments 11: Kinds of Punishment

        Attachments 12: Compensation to The Victims of Crime.

        Attachments 13: Offences Against The Public Tranquility

        Attachments 14: Offences Against Human Body

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