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Course Structure

The Curriculum Section of this Course covers the following Content :

3 Theory Books with Online learning access:
  • 3 Theory Books for Management consisting of 10 units

Module: NET - THEORETICAL COURSE - Management (Paper II)

  • Subject: Management
    • Section 1: Unit - 1 (Management-I)

        Attachments 1: Management

        Attachments 2: Decision Making

        Attachments 3: Organisation Structure and Design

        Attachments 4: Business Ethics

        Attachments 5: Ethical Issues And Dilemma

        Attachments 6: Corporate Governance

        Attachments 7: Value Based Organization

        Attachments 8: Managerial Economics

        Attachments 9: Market Structures

        Attachments 10: National Income

        Attachments 11: Inflation

    • Section 2: Unit - 2 (Management-II)

        Attachments 1: Organizational Behaviour

        Attachments 2: Individual Behaviour

        Attachments 3: Group Behaviour

        Attachments 4: Interpersonal Behaviour and Transaction Analysis

        Attachments 5: Organizational Culture and Climate

        Attachments 6: Workforce Diversity and Cross-Cultural Organizational Behaviour

        Attachments 7: Emotions and Stress Management

        Attachments 8: Organizational Justice and Whistle Blowing

        Attachments 9: Organizational Development

        Attachments 10: Organizational Conflicts and Negotiation

    • Section 3: Unit - 3 (Management-III)

        Attachments 1: Human Resource Management

        Attachments 2: Human Resource Planning

        Attachments 3: Strategic Role of Human Resource Management

        Attachments 4: Competency Mapping and Balanced Scorecard

        Attachments 5: Career Planning and Development

        Attachments 6: Performance Management and Appraisal

        Attachments 7: Talent Management and Skill Development

        Attachments 8: Employee Engagement and Work-Life Balance

        Attachments 9: Industrial Relations, Disputes and Grievance Management

        Attachments 10: Labour Welfare and Social Security

        Attachments 11: Trade Union and Collective Bargaining

        Attachments 12: International Human Resource Management

        Attachments 13: Green HRM

    • Section 4: Unit - 5 (Management-V)

        Attachments 1: Value And Returns

        Attachments 2: Capital Budgeting

        Attachments 3: Dividend

        Attachments 4: Mergers and Acquisitions

        Attachments 5: Portfolio Management

        Attachments 6: Derivatives

        Attachments 7: Working Capital Management

        Attachments 8: International Financial Management

        Attachments 9: Foreign Exchange Market

    • Section 5: Unit - 6 (Management-VI)

        Attachments 1: Strategic Management

        Attachments 2: Strategic Analysis

        Attachments 3: Strategic Formulation

        Attachments 4: Strategic Implementation

        Attachments 5: Marketing

        Attachments 6: Product And Pricing Decision

        Attachments 7: Place and Promotion Decision

    • Section 6: Unit - 7 (Management-VII)

        Attachments 1: Consumer Behavior

        Attachments 2: Brand Management

        Attachments 3: Service Marketing

        Attachments 4: Customer Relationship Marketing

        Attachments 5: Retail Marketing

        Attachments 6: Emerging Trends in Marketing

        Attachments 7: International Marketing

    • Section 7: Unit - 8 (Management-VIII)

        Attachments 1: Probability Distribution

        Attachments 2: Data

        Attachments 3: Sampling

        Attachments 4: Correlation

        Attachments 5: Regression Analysis

        Attachments 6: Operations Management

        Attachments 7: Facility Location

        Attachments 8: Layout Planning and Analysis

        Attachments 9: Enterprise Resource Planning

        Attachments 10: Scheduling

        Attachments 11: Central Tendency

        Attachments 12: Dispersion

        Attachments 13: Hypothesis Testing

        Attachments 14: Operations Research

        Attachments 15: Quality Management and Statistical Quality Control

    • Section 8: Unit - 9 (Management-IX)

        Attachments 1: International Business

        Attachments 2: Foreign Direct Investment

        Attachments 3: World Trade Organization

        Attachments 4: International Trade Procedures and Documentation (Exim Policies)

        Attachments 5: Role of International Financial Institutions

        Attachments 6: Information Technology

        Attachments 7: Data Warehousing

        Attachments 8: Data Mining

        Attachments 9: Knowledge Management System

    • Section 9: Unit - 10 (Management-X)

        Attachments 1: Entrepreneurship Development

        Attachments 2: Intrapreneurship

        Attachments 3: Women Entrepreneurship and Rural Entrepreneurship

        Attachments 4: Rural Entrepreneurship

        Attachments 5: Innovations in Business

        Attachments 6: Business Plan and Feasibility Analysis

        Attachments 7: Micro and Small-Scale Industries in India

        Attachments 8: Sickness in Small Enterprises

        Attachments 9: Institutional Finance to Small Industries

    • Section 10: Unit - 4 (Management-IV)

        Attachments 1: Accounting Principles and Standards

        Attachments 2: Financial Management

        Attachments 3: Capital Structure

        Attachments 4: Leverage Analysis

        Attachments 5: Financial Statement Analysis

        Attachments 6: Budgeting and Budgetary Control

        Attachments 7: Marginal Costing

        Attachments 8: Cost Volume Profit Analysis

        Attachments 9: Standared Costing

        Attachments 10: Analysis of Variance

        Attachments 11: Labour Cost Variance (LCV)

        Attachments 12: Overhead Variance

        Attachments 13: Dupont Analysis-Dupont Model-Dupoent Identity

        Attachments 14: Sources and Finance of Capital

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